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Safe holidays with the contact tracing apps

The contact tracing apps to travel

It’s been only few the ones that installed the application for the contact tracing Immuni published few days ago on the app stores. And while one makes the first bad reviews, which are true or not, about the app that should help to keep the infections in Italy, each region is trying to protect itself from the mass of tourists that is going to arrive in the following summer months to guarantee safe holidays.

The italian most touristic regions, maybe scared about the idea to have new outbreaks, are batting down the hatches. From the Sardinia that is even trying to control the entrances with online subscriptions and certifications of good health, to the Sicily which proposes an application that will help the ones that don’t live in the island.

Safe holidays in Sardinia

At the beginning Sardinia thought to control the entrances on the island by asking for a healthcare passport with a self-certification about our own health condition. This idea though received many controversy. Then the president of the region Christian Solinas made it real and so the health passport became mandatory for the private flights. The tourists must give a certificate about a negative test for the virus, not more than 5 days before the arrival date.

vacanze sicure
The vademecum made by Sardinia to guarantee safe holidays

But at the moment of the official phase 3 the health passport disappears, it’s currently requested a self-certification about our health condition by filling an online form. It will be so enough to say if we were in touch with suspicious or certificated cases, if we have flu flu flu symptoms and if we travelled in the previous 40 days before our arrival on the island.

From the 5th june to the 12nd june it’s possible to fill the form straight in the airport or at the ferry terminal. While from the 13th june in order to control the entrances and the stays, as Solinas claims, we will need to download the contact tracing app, even if theorically it isn’t mandatory.

The application besides to allow the simplified entrance in the region it will send the datas to the regional system for the triage. But it will even save the movements tracking so, in case of infection, they can easily trace the possible infections.

The app for the tourists and not only: SiciliaSiCura

It’s available since the 5th of june SiciliaSiCura will allow to upgrade our own health condition and to have a direct contact with the Regional Healthcare System in case of symptoms.

It isn’t a real app of contact tracing so, even if it fully copy the model of immuni, but it is much more a bridge to straight talk with the doctors, thought especially for the tourists.

vacanze sicure
The app to prompty have a help when we are in holiday in Sicily

Each report of the symptoms is send to the central of the Healthcare Unit of the Continuità Territoriale Turistica. The suspicious Covid-19 patients will be instead send to the Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale of the same area.

The datas detected will remain in the memory of the system of the application for 16 days after the tourist had left the island. By not having adding functions, it’s like an application that integrates the system of Immuni. And it helps especially the tourists to be cured in case they need to allow safe holidays.

The contact tracing outside Italy

But that’s not all, even many european countries are realizing similar applications to try to trace the new infections. The problem that arises though is to understand if these applications will be interoperable like the Guide lines of the European Commision requires.

We hope than that the need to install more than a tracing app (especially for the ones that need to move a lot for work) don’t let arise some problems about the privacy protection.

Besides the fact that between national, regional and european apps, there is the risk to be in the middle of a programs mess, that maybe they won’t upgrade in the correct moment by being so useless.

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