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Movecoin: here you have the app that pays you to do physical excercise

If you think that doing physical excercise and get back in shape is very hard, now you could find the right incentive to reach your prederminated targets. It is Movecoin, an app totally italian that joins healty and environmental sustainability, allowing the users to aern 10 cents every km made in ecologic way. Obviusly it is a virtual value but, we could learn, thanks to the Bitcoin, that even them have their own economic value. In our article, so, we decided to list what could respresent it in the huge economic sector.

Movecoin: here you have how it works 

Movecoin is a kind of green app and it’s been patented by the doctor Massimo Scaglione with the purpose to encourage the people to avoid the polluting vehicles and to reach the destination by feet or bike, saving in this way his own physical healty and the surrounding enveronment. The application use the fitness tracking, that in the last years became a real mode thanks to Runtastic and Google Fit, and for every km it gives in the users’ digital wallet 10 cents in virtual money. The received payout can be used in the approved shops with a percentage from a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 100% of the purchaise value according to the arrangements with them. The Movecoin’s value will be double then the nominal value (the complete list of the shops that agree with the initiative can be directly checked inside the application). The digital money, therefore, could be converted in euros trhough accreditation on a card called Hype, which can be made by the app without management fees. The app is available for free in the Apple Store. The application’s menu has a principal screenshot where it is possible to start and monitor the covered distance’s counting, a summary screenshot about the performed journeys, one about the virtual wallet where we can check the payout and finally a page where it is possible to see the total number of the users, the total number of Movecoin that are around, the CO2 saving and the petrol saving. Told that, we just have to download it, start to walk or bike and earn money. Here you have a short video that shows the functioning of it:

Movecoin: the future of the virtual marketplace

The italian application has a really interesting functioning: it is, infact, possible to auctioned the made Movecoin, like the already available cryptocurrency on the financial market, giving them to the best bidder in exchange to euros, so passing by person to person the Movecoin’s price. This should earn value and increase the already made steps registered on the app. To create this digital value, infact, it isn’t necessary computers with an high capacity of calculation, but only a  smartphone, because the user creates the money only by moving himself/herself. Obviusly, it is important to konw that only the certificated and recognised steps, like the human steps, are been paid, so aren’t allowed any shortcuts. The users’ movement, infact, is been registred and analyzed by the smartphone’s gps, without leave any space to the tricks. While he presented the app, Massimo Scaglione said: “With the ecological movement all of us can just enjoy something he likes, but even help the nature. Work toward the sustainability, helping the people to improve himself/herself and our own healty is the mission“. The first datas come out from the investigations about the users that decided to use it are really encouraging, because is been seen a saving of 4.35 tonns of CO2 in the atmosphere. Movecoin so has everything to be a digital revolution of the welfare and the healty of the environment. We will see if other companies will try to do the same.

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