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Huawei and the 5G smartphone that the english people don’t like

No debut in England for the 5G of Huawei

The 2019 isn’t exactly the lucky year for Huawei, which hoped to ride the success of the 5G.

The 5G networks are a solid reality that is quickly spreading all over the world. It’s calculated that already from the next year, the 5G will be the top technology for Internet’s connections.

The smartphones’ producers are obviusly already very excited. And it’s the rush to the devices that can fully use the new ultrafast connections.

Especially Huawei announced in the last few days the wish to release its first smartphone 5G, which had to debute in England.

Suddenly though something went wrong, and the Mate20 X 5G disappeared from the price lists made in UK. But why wasn’t the new Huawei’s smartphone able to conquer the United Kingdom?

The 5G arrived in England

The Mate20 X 5G should have been arrived first on the british marketplace and only after few weeks in Italy.

The company was preparing itself to compete with Xiaomi and Samsung. Two old date competitors, with which the new Mate20 X 5G should have to deal even in our country.

5G in England
The network 5G arrive in England

Where the 5G promises to be accessible to all the company without distinction. While, in the United Kingdom, only those “Big Three” obtained the agreement of the british government. Or at least it looked like this. Until few weeks ago.

The premier Theresa May infact autorized the installation of 5G networks even for not native companies. In agreement with the two main british mobile phone operators, respectively Vodafone UK and EE.

In Great Britain the new network will be operative since the 3rd of July and Huawei was preparing to an amazing exploit for the Mate20 X 5G.

The 2019 though doesn’t seem to be started under the best auspices for the chinese company. On the eve of its debut in England, Huawei has entered a downturn.

Huawei banned from the United Kingdom, here you have why

To ban Huawei from the kingdom of the Queen Elisabeth should be some alarming reports about the safety of the 5G networks of the company.

To spread the alert was, firstly, the BBC. Which already in March saw the risks.

Huawei, in other words, couldn’t guarantee a long term safety of its networks. Or at least, it wasn’t enough.

Huawei Mate20 X 5G
Huawei Mate20 X 5G had to debut in those weeks

The position taken by the president Donald Trump in the United States was decisive. Promptly, even the british government closed the doors to the chinese company.

Huawei, so, was banned from the United Kingdom and it won’t be allowed to commercialize in England the Mate20 X 5G.

Right when it seemed such close to the success, the company had to deal with its dirty laundry.

Even other Countries say no to the Huawei’s 5G

But it isn’t enough. The downward spiral of the chinese colossus seems destined to go on, unstoppable.

After the America of Trump and the England of Theresa May, even the Japan, the New Zeland and the Australia lined up against the safety of the chinese 5G networks.

Huawei banned
New bans for Huawei

This slowing down of the spreading of the 5G at international level is a serious problem for Huawei. Which won’t be able to compete with the other companies. The United States, for example, called for a two months ban (until late August); a timeline that can seem meaningless, but that in the technological fields is a real ballast for Huawei.

Only the Europe at the moment seems to remaine positive, or better double-edged, toward Huawei. But which will be the consequences for Italy?

At the moment the only hypothesis is that Vodafone can close its rate plans to the chinese colossus, like already happened in the UK. But there are new doubts even about the other models Huawei, especially after the position taken by Google that can put the company in trouble.

The only thing that it’s sure is that the misadventures of Huawei aren’t on their last chapter yet.

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