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Ricoh Theta, the camera of the ISS

The 360° videos became viral already for a while. They allow us to totally immerse ourselves in the environment, by catching breathtaking panoramas, they give us the possibility to look up to the sky as well as we are there and at the same…

82 moons is the Saturn’s record

Jupiter was unbeaten for the number of satellites, with 79 moons which rotated around it. A new discovery though overthrown it, by revealing 20 new moons around Saturn, that passes, so, at the first position, with a total of 82.

The first space crime

Anne McClain is an american 40 years old astronaut highly decorated and nominee to become the first woman to walk on the Moon. However in the last weeks she became famous for a totally different story. It is always an unique primacy…

How to create the artificial gravity

The big problem of the space trips and the long stays in the space is the microgravity. We are still far away from the scenographic spaceships of the best science fiction movies, where their passengers easily walk on the long hallways. Or…