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The NASA is looking for volunteers for Mars!

The NASA is looking for volunteers for Marte

The utopian dream of living on Mars hosts in the minds of the passionated of science-fiction for decades. A new human community, which is perfect. A world to write from zero, this time without errors. We must learn from the past. Lo and behold, the NASA is looking for volunteers for Mars!

Everyone would like a piece of the new world. But will it be heavenly like we imagine it? In reality the life on Mars will be confined, at least for the first years, in small claustrophobic living modules. And what worries the most, in reality is the physical and mental health of the first colonists.

It’s for this reasion that the NASA is looking for volunteers for Mars! But not for real. There is, infact, a living model exactly alike the one that will be installed on the red planet, to test the human permanence on a planet inhospital for the life.

How will we live on Mars

How do we imagine the future? Colonize a new planet won’t be, in reality, as funny as we imagine it. In the movie The Martian – Surviver we can understand how colonize a planet will really be.

We will be far away, in the closest orbit it’s 56 million of kilometers away, while in the moment when we will be much away it will be 400 million of kilometers.

Colonizing Mars
How will we live on Mars? Not as good as we believe

And on the red planet we will rely only on ourselves. We must be able to solve every problems, of every kind, from the food to the energy, from the communication problems to the medical ones.

The real time communications will be, infact, impracticable. Even in the wildest espectation, the radio communications will have a delay of 13 minutes. But they should be impracticable for longer periods, because of the solar flares or the sand storms. And in this case we will be really alone like The Martian.

The temperature that we will find on Mars, because of the almost total absence of atmosphere, will be extreme. They will be around the -60°. But it won’t be a big problem, because we will rarely go out from our habitat. If not for some “martian walks”, weared with a space suit and with all the needed instruments.

But what will really put us a strain it will be the social relationships and our mental health. The most claimant question when we talk about colonizing Mars isn’t how will we find the water? What will we eat? How will we breath? With which materials will we build the first habitats? The most claimant question is will we be able to live so long in a such small environment, already stressed by everything, with the same four or five people?

The NASA is looking for volunteers for Mars, on the Earth!

We don’t have to talk, to study, to plan, the mental conditions of a human being must be tested on the field. It is for this reason that the NASA is looking for volunteers to simulate the life on Mars, without move a step from the Earth.

The NASA is looking for volunteers for Marte
Before to leave we have to think about every aspect physic, mental and emotional; it is for this reason that the NASA is looking for volunteers

They don’t want, infact, to train would-be astronauts and space colonists, but they only want to study the psychological and relational dynamics of the people involved in the space program.

What happens to a group of people forced to live in a small environment, already strongly stressed by the mission, with all their personal problems and with their personal emotional baggages?

Who is the NASA looking for?

The NASA is looking for men and women from 30 to 55 years old, that agree to get closed isolated, in groups of 4 or 6 inside a habitat like the ones for the martian living modules or the spaceships, for a period of time that goes from 45 days to one year.

Are you able to face the challenge? Don’t think it is easy. How did you react to the recent lock down? If the answer is that the months in quarantine were like a total relax holiday for you, so let’s run to offer yourself as volunteer!

The NASA is looking for volunteers for Marte
The volunteers will spend their time exactly like they were on Mars

The selection are attempted for a very different group of people, according to the program to which they will be assigned. The easiers ones need basic standards, like not being a smoker and a good health condition. Other ones, more complicated, need the knowledge of the english and the russian language, written and spoken, experiences in the army or high technical knowledges.

The permanences won’t be a total relax holiday. The partecipants will be involved in many activities, which are real or simulated, that will take them busy for the whole day. For the whole permanence they will be followed by doctors and psychologists and constantly checked. But the partecipants will receive even a salary, which can be different according to many elements, ensures the NASA.

Are you ready, so, to leave for Mars?

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