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Tourists on the Moon: 2021 space year

Are you ready for the new of this year? The 2021 will be the first year for the tourists on the Moon. Today we talk about the first tourists in orbit and about the chinese landing on Mars.

The year of the space expeditions

The Italian space Agency will protagonist of an important expedition. Our astronauts will attempt to hit an asteroid to try to divert it.

tourists on the Moon space expeditions
The 2021 seems the year when we will have the first tourists on the Moon.

The 2021 will be a spacial year for many things. A serie of record adventures that, as usual, see as protagonists even the Nasa and many of the billioners that manage the new companies. They have to be careful to the chinese, that are becoming competitive in the airspace field.

Let’s start from Mars

Everything started the last 9th of february when a probe of the United Arab Emirated entered in orbit around the planet Mars. Its name is Hope and it wants to transmit trust to the youth for the future of the Country.

Almost together it arrived even Tianwen-1. The chinese probe that in april will put down a rover in the Utopia Planitia. So Bejing demonstrated once for all that it’s able to rule the moon landings by looking even to Mars.

The 18th of february it will be the time of Perseverance of the Nasa. A probe that will land on the Jezero Crater, by starting the third phase of the research of life on another planet after Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. A new sophisticated robot will look for traces of fossilisation of microorganisms, helped by a drone-elicopter (Ingenuity) that will help it to find places where back in time there were ancient rivers.

So, it seems that Mars can be the new satellite’s planet of the Earth when maybe one day we can go in case of problems that won’t let us live anymore on our beautiful green planet.

Tourists on the Moon

And what about the Moon? It always remain one of the main targets for the astronauts and the passionated of space. Even this year it will be in the aim of two private american probes, realized with instruments financed by the Nasa.

These two probes will analyse the resources of the moon ground to understand if it’s possible in the future to make a stable colony. Maybe, after too many promises the 2021 will be the year of the tourism on the Moon, infact, it seems that it’s going to open the tourists flights toward hte space.

tourists on the Moon
Many people are looking forward to be tourists on the Moon. We hope it will be possible for everyone, but they are still looking for the possibility to make a stable colony.

The british billionaire Richard Branson, at the age of 70, after tried to it already in the past, will be onboard of the second flight on his rocket airplane called “Space Ship Two”. It will take off from the New Mexico in the Usa toward the space, while other six hundreds passengers, that already paid in advance for the flight, are waiting to reach him.

Even Jeff Bezos of Amazon is preparing something similar: his pod New Shepard with enough space for six passengers will soon fly from the spaceport in Texas. After the jump to “infinity and beyond” it will come back on Earth with a parachute.

And what about you? Would you fly as tourists on the Moon?

It seems that a not too far day everyone will have the possibility to organize a trip on the Moon or on Mars. But how many people will really go on the Moon as tourists? Many say that they will go, other are sceptical and they see it like something unreachable.

The Moon is surely must more affordable than Mars, as it was said many times by the experts of the airspace sector, like the prof Carlo Bettanini of the University of Padova. IT seems to be closer and it fascinates the passionated of the space, but we aren’t sure yet that the life on it it is possible. Maybe, for many aspects, it is much more closer Mars.

There is something that is sure: the man loves to dream big and very soon he might transfor his dreams into reality and touch the stars and maybe live on them.

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