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The best place to look at the stars

The best place to look at the stars

Look at the starry sky is one of the most beautiful and real emotions that we can feel. It makes us infinitely small, it leaves as stunned and amazed by the majesty of the universe. Look at the stars and admire that multitude of bright dotes stud the black sphere of the night, without think nothing if not of its beauty. Or thinking, instead, that these small dotes, are thousands of times bigger than our planet.

Look at the stars and hope in tomorrow, dream a better world, assign to the sky sphere our hopes, our wishes, our tears. Look at the stars is always charming, whatever the reason that pushes us to do it is.

The best place to observe the stars
The best place to observe the stars

But sure what we do can’t be considered look at the stars for real. With all that light pollution that surrounds us, are very few the ones that really can say to have seen the stars in all their glory. We go to the beach, on the slopes of the mountains, while thinking that there the light pollutions can’t reach us, but we are wrong. Which is, really, the best place to look at the stars?

Is a small research online enough, not?

Who did never googled where and how look at the stars? At least the passionated of the sky sphere surely do it. All the guides suggest to go as far as possible from the cities, a beach far away from the houses, a mountain easily climbable where, maybe, can even camping.

There is some small hidden jewel even here in Italy where we can admire the sky. But be careful, this isn’t all the starry sky for real. There aren’t, in reality, places in Italy completely without light pollution where observe the stars.

Look at the stars in Italy

Some italian skies obtained the Gold certification, to admire the stars, like the refuge Malga del Doss, in Trentino. Even some country sides are enough away from the big cities to give beautiful views, like the Toscany country side, or the Casale Natura e Cavallo, in Lazio, which is awared between “The most beautiful skies of Italy”.

The Toscany skies
Toscany is between the best places where to look at the stars in Italy and in the World

Between the most beautiful starry skies there are the ones of the islands, in Sardinia and Sicily we can find hidden beaches, almost whitout light pollution, where to observe the starry sky. The starry sky that most take my breath away is right on a beach in Sardinia. If we never saw the sky without light pollution we can’t understand how much it takes your breath away to find out that the black sky of the night is in reality bright as a jewel, filled with billions of lighted dots.

Look at the stars in the World

If already the most beautiful starry skies of Italy took your breath away, which emotions will caught up us while looking at the best starry skies of the World? Here you have the nine best observation places of the sky in the world:

  • The Canary Islands. Between the islands of Palma and Tenerife there are three Starlight Reserves.
  • Atacama Desert, in Chile. The deserts are without any doubt between the best places where to observe the stars. All the deserts of the world are great observation points, but the Atacama Desert, in Chile, has something more, with many altitudes and zero light pollution.
  • Toscany, a small italian jewel from which admire the starry sky: the country side of the Toscany.
  • Namib Desert, Namibia. This desert, besides to not have light pollution, it is even perfectly flat, which allows a view of the sky of 360°.
  • Death Valley, California. The Death Valley in California is between the best places from which observe the sky, but be careful camping here it is not a joke.

    Death Valley
    The Death Valley is between the most impervious and dangerous places of the world, but its sky is between the most beautiful ones
  • Scottish Highlands, the highlands of the Scotland are without any doubt a great observation point.
  • Breckenridge, Colorado. In Colorado there are many observation points, the Breckenridge is between the best ones.
  • Hawaii, the heavenly hawaiian islands gives incredible views of the night sky, it’s enough to find a remote beach, far away from the cities and the resorts.
  • Australian Outback, the sky in Australia is without any doubt one of the most beautiful of the world, as much that going toward the inside of the continent it is almost unhabitated, which means zero light pollution.

    Cieli d'Australia
    The Australian Outback gives us amazing skies

The best place to look at the stars

These are all accessible places, so, with a great technical preparation and a perfect knowledge of the area, the one listed before. But between them there isn’t the best place to observe the stars. Why? Because the best place isn’t accessible to all.

A group of researchers found the best place to observe the stars in the world, it is in Antarctica, in an area with altitudes over the 4.000 meters, which is called Dome A.

Dome A - Antarctica
The Dome A, in Antarctica, is the best place to observe the stars in the world

Sure, in this case we aren’t talking about a simple amateur observation, but about real astronomic observations. According to the researchers, infact, that is the best place where to build a telescope. Preciselly the point is 8 meters over the top of the Dome A. This point will allows conditions five times more favourable than the points where there are the telescopes currently working.

The problem is that not even the scientists will be able to easily reach this point. And what about the temperatures recorded there (-80°), that can affect the instruments, if they don’t take precautions. But if in the future it will be built we will be able to find out many more secrets hidden between the stars.

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