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Space X conquers the space

Crew Dragon - Space X

Space X is the private space agency of Elon Musk. Advanced, futuristic and with ambitious dreams, it demonstrated to be the best that there is, nowadays, about space travels and space engineering. It conquered many victories and primacies and now it finally brought the America to conquer the space, again.

Space X

Space X was born almost for a joke in the 2001. Its founder, Elon Musk, dreamed to bring humanity farher than ever, he wanted to bring it on Mars. But in the moment when he started to think how to realize his dream he found out that the space sector wasn’t so flourish. The main problems were two: the rockets technology was stopped decades before and it was too expensive.

Who else could find a solution if not himself? He decided so to create his own space agency, to make the space sector much more technologically advanced and much less expensive.

The following year Space X was born, the main purpose became soon the one to realize a reusable rocket, what was, until that moment, unthinkable.

Crew Dragon
Onboard of the Crew Dragon

However Elon Musk didn’t think it was impossible, like many other space agency, instead, did. The successes and the primacies prompty started. Even though the failure of the first launches, the Falcon 1 became the first rocket fully realized by a private to reach the terrestrial orbit. The successor, the Falcon 9 became the first rocket to be reused.

The Dragon spaceship, instead, became the first american space vehicle since when the Space Shuttle was stopped, as well as the first private space ship to dock to the Iss.

Go in the space was never so cheap and it was never so easy, in just a bunch of years Space X was able to fully revolutionize the space travels.

The first times of the Crew Dragon – 2

Let’s talk about most recent times. Who didn’t heard about the big success of the Crew Dragon – 2? The Crew Dragon -2 brought two american astronauts onboard of the ISS, they are Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken.

It’s the first time that the United States restart to launch its own astronauts from its own territory since the stop of the Space Shuttle. It’s the first time that it does it with its own rocket. And it’s the first time that a private space agency sends some men out in space. And all of it with some new and amazing spacesuits.

Since the last flight of the Space Shuttle all the american astronauts took off for the space onboard of the russian Soyuz, for a price of 80 million of dollars per astronaut.

But today this ended, after a contest that lasted 10 years, in which they asked to realized some spaceships which were able to bring back in the space the american astronauts. Since today there will be two spaceships that will travel from the american land to the international space station: the crew dragon of Space X and Straliner of Boeing.

The historical launch Space X – NASA

The historical launch that sees cooperate the NASA with Space X had to happen the last 27th of may, but it was postponed for the weather conditions. The Crew Dragon – 2, launched, obviusly, by a Falcon 9, took off for the ISS the 30th of may.

Falcon 9
The launch of the Crew Dragon onboard of the Falcon 9

After nine minutes the first stadio of the Falcon was successfully landed on the platform Of Course I Still Love You. After twelve minutes the Crew Dragon reached the terrestrial orbit. After many revolutions of the Earth and many switching on of the engines, the spaceship reached the international space station the 31st of may. All of it was an incredible success.

A new age of the space travels started.

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