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Antonio Piazzolla, a journalist with the head in the stars

Antonio Piazzola

The scientific education is never enough. Especially when to do it are young and talented guys, with a big passion and the head in the stars. Let’s enter in the world of Antonio Piazzolla, journalist and scientific leaker, that with his passion and his job let us know the space from closer.

“I was born with the feet on the Earth but the head on the stars!”, if I might describe myself I will surely use these words.

Who is Antonio Piazzolla?

Antonio Pio Piazzolla is a 28 years old journalist from Foggia. He had a scientific education and then he promptly starts to focus himself on the journalism. Meanwhile he starts to study at the University of the Studies of Bari, in the faculty Geological Sciences.

He starts his journalistic carrier by writing for Società Astronomia Italiana, where he has the occasion to interview Piero Angela and the astronaut Umberto Guidoni. After that he undertakes a short cooperation with Coelum Astronomia.

When he was 24 years old the first rewards arrive, Antonio won, infact, the National Price for the Scientifical Divulgation “Giancarlo Dosi”, for the category Under 35.

Maurizio Cheli - Antonio Piazzolla
Flying with Maurizio Cheli among the skies of the Val di Susa

Antonio always remained loyal to his passion, the writing is a way to spread what he had the possibility to know. Divulgate his discoveries became his life purpose.

While growing up I understood that there was something else that satisfied my curiosity, and it was to divulgate, to tell to the other children at school what he discovered the previous afternoon, by basing on the principle “I learnt a new thing, maybe it can be useful to someone else, I must tell it to them”.

Walking to the stars

For many years I knocked to the door of “Le Stelle”, the magazine of astronomical culture founded by Margherita Hack and Corrado Lamberti, a magazine made by professionals for professionals and lovers”, tells Antonio.

But during his way to the stars he never wondered that after too much knock, that door will open. Antonio Piazzolla became so editor for five years. He told for years about stars on Le Stelle, and still today I is telling the magic of the celestian body, on the new magazine Cosmo.

Why talk about stars? The people have to know that up there, between these lights, there is our future. One day we will have a new home, maybe when we will be able to respect and to take care of the current one”.

The experiences of Antonio don’t finish here. Infact, he cooperated with Huffpost Italia, with the Espresso, with the Messaggero, with Business Insider Italia, with Forbes. And, therefore, he talks about science on his own website.

The CERN and the italian astronauts

“I tells about astronomy, science and the ideas of the youngest with a pen”

During his job Antonio Piazzolla had the possibility to know the people that saw the stars a little bit more closer, like Umberto Guidoni, Paolo Nespoli, Luca Parmitano and Maurizio Cheli, with which had the honor to fly among the skies of the Val di Susa.

Antonio Piazzolla
Antonio Piazzolla interviewed Paolo Nespoli

Antonio flown even between the stars of Geneva, to give life to some between his most loved reportages. A dream for many passionated that becomes reality: passing through the doors of the CERN of Geneva. The only place where it’s possible to study the space by remaining with the feet on the Earth.

To the CERN he had the possibility to know and to tell even some important experiments, realized inside it, like ALICE, AMS-02 and CMS.

Antonio Piazzolla and Covid-19

When the word stopped, just five months ago, every one were overturned. All of us were afraid, stunned and started to believe to what they thought was better. In the science, in the medicine, in the research, in the technology that in cases like this one demonstrates to be ever more important.

On the Millionaire we can find an excerpt of the interview

Antonio Piazzolla started to follow the technological side of the shock wave of the pandemic that involved the planet. On Forbes, with which he cooperates, many articles came out about it. Especially he wanted to put the attention on topics like the artificial intelligence. He then interviewed an italian excellence that we learnt to know in these months thanks to his idea to turn the famous sub mask made by Decathlon in a ventilator. He, finally, explored even another side of this pandemic, the telemedicine.

This is Antonio Piazzolla, this is the story of a passion that let him walk between the stars, even by remaining with the feet on the earth. A passion that, like he tells himself, was born together with him.

“I’ve always been attracted by all that lights in the sky but I was too curious when I was a child to believe, like most, that they were spike shaped stars”.

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