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Elon Musk, the incredible rise of the new richest man of the world

Elon Musk

Maybe this year, between all the swirl of news, we missed that someone was climbing, in silence, the most desirable league of the world, the one of the richest man of the world. How do you pass from a patrimony of 24,6 billion of dollars to 189,7 in just 10 months? We must ask it to Elon Musk that by ousting, for the first time after four year, Jeff Bezos became, so, the richest man of the world himself.

2020, a starry year for Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a billionaire visionary, CEO of Tesla, Space X and Neuralink. For Space X it was a year full of tasks and cooperations with the NASA, the american space agency. Let’s remember that last year America had again a connection between the Earth and the ISS, right thanks to the Elon Musk’s space agency.

Elon Musk - Space X
Elon Musk as a boy dreamed to change the world, now, besides the world, he’s changing the space too

Then there is Starlink, that in the 2020 officially started its business dealings. Then there is Neuralink, that in august presented its brain sensors. Lastly, there is The Boring Company which is working to the high speed tunnels.

But the real fortune of the new richest man of the world comes from his car company Tesla. And surely Tim Cook is now regretting it, because in the 2017 Musk thought to give him Tesla for “only” 60 billion of dollars.

The Tesla’s stocks grown, during the 2020 of the 700%, by bringing to a growth of the personal patrimony of its owner and CEO of 165 billion of dollars. In march 2020, infact, the patrimony of Musk was 24,6 billions. A patrimony that didn’t allow him to take a place in the first positions of the richest men of the world.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk climbs the league of the richest men of the world in less than a year

And all of it happened in the year of the pandemic, don’t forget about it. When the state of the California, where there is the headquarter of Tesla, ordered a total quarantine for a period of time. But while the whole world was frozen in an unreal moment, the company of the Silicon Valley was producting cars no stop.

The starry year of Tesla saw it become the most valued brand in the car sector, in June, with 190 billions of capitalisation. While, in november, there is the entrance of the title in the index S&P 500.

January of 2021, the final rise

At the beginning of the year the first position was still far away, but we don’t have any doubt about the fact that in them field there was already the rumor about it. Otherwise Elon Musk himself knew that the incredible record of sales of the last three months of the 2020 will give him a huge push at the beginning of the 2021.

Telsa - Elon Musk
The 2020 was the golden year for Tesla and the 2021 already started at the top

We just mentioned the fact that in june Tesla was evaluated 190 billion of dollars. And with that amount it became the most valued brand in the car sector. But how can it be reached now that its value passed the 800 billions?

Already in the first week of January, Tesla added a 20% to its titles, by bringing Musk to a head to head with Bezos.

The first rumors that put Elon in the first place started to arrive already the 6th of january, but it was official only the 8th. And so, since the 8th of january, after four years, Bezos isn’t anymore the richest man on earth.

Right the estimations of the 8th of january shown Musk in the first place, with a patrimony of 189,7 billion of dollars. Bezos was at the second place, with a patrimony of 185 billion of dollars. In the third place there is Bernard Arnault, with 154,8 billion of dollars. In the fourth and fifth place there are, respectively, (122 billions) and Mark Zuckerberg (96,9 billions).

The head to head re-started

By the way, Elon Musk kept his first position only for few days. Already for a few days, infact, the head to head from the CEO of Tesla and the king of the e-commerce re-started. A very intruguing and interesting dispute. Because, while all the world was thinking “the pandemic do some good only at Jeff Bezos”, in reality he was loosing his trone.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk loses the trone after only few days and now the head to head with Bezos restart. Who will win?

But now who will win this dispute? There is still the pandemic and Amazon is gaining amazing numbers like the lockdown. But Musk has an ace in the hole and it’s called President Biden. Yes, because right the new President of the United States just announced that one of the main purpose of his mandate will be to make the country greener. And to do it he will need without any doubt the visionary genius of Elon Musk.

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