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CarCloud, the subscription car with an app


It really seems that the future of the world is in subscription. No one buys music anymore, one listens it in streaming with specific apps. The movies in dvd disappeared, as well as the paper books, one can have large libraries with few euros per month. And so on, we don’t buy nothing for real any more. Our houses get empty of everything is unnecessary and our life is marked by the deadline that autonomously take the money of the subscriptions. Today expires Netflix, tomorrow Spotify or even applications like Perlego. It’s been already many years that the car sharing exists and everyone, even if we don’t use it, knows what it is. Now, even in the sector of the car leasing, arrive the subscription. CarCloud is the application that allows to take the car with a subscription.

Leasy CarCloud

Leasy CarCloud is the first service of subscription cars in the italian territory. It enters in a marketplace already tested and proven, the one of the economy in subscription, a reality that involved many sectors all over the world.

CarCloud, the subscription car

Leasy CarCloud was born by a cooperation between Fca Bank and Leasys and the services are focused, obviusly, on the Fca vehicles.

The cars available are seven, all available in the main italian cities, in the 150 conventioned Leasys Mobility Stores, or straight on our own house, with an additional cost. The service is divided in two subscriptions, both activable straight on Amazon, with monthly subscription.

The CarCloud subscriptions

Like we said once activated the subscription we can take the vehicles, which are interchangable between them, in every italian Leasys Mobility Store or using the service of home delivery with an additional cost of 39 euros.

CarCloud, l'auto in abbonamento
Seven vehicles available with CarCloud

The services, available both for the private and for the VAT number, are two: the CarCloud 500 and the CarCloud Renegade and Compass.

All of it starts from a registration on Amazon at the cost of 199 euros for CarCloud 500 and of 249 euros for CarCloud Renegade and Compass. Everything fully digital and with no slow and boring burocracy.

Afterwards one chooses between two subscription options. CarCloud 500 has a monthly cost of 249 euros and it has the models 500, 500X, 500L, 500L Wagon, 500L Cross. CarCloud Renegade and Compass, instead, has a monthly cost of 349 euros and it has the models Jeep Renegade and Jeep Compass.

In both cases the vehicles are interchangable between them, we can leave them in the specific parks, in airports, stations or around the big italian cities and taking another one everywhere.

It is possible even to pass from the CarCloud 500 subscription to the CarCloud Renegade and Compass one, with an additional cost of 99 euros.

Finally, in both cases we can do 1500 kilometers per month, with insurance, road tax, maintenance, warranty, etc, included in the price.

Subscription cars

What is the Cloud? In informatic the cloud made accessible everywhere files and media contents, without the necessity that they are physically present on a computer. The concept was readapted in all the sector. We are living, infact, a real revolution where one tries to dematerialise all the physical goods which become in reality services.

The subscription car on Amazon

It was like that the CarCloud was born, by following the surge of the moment. The ownership of goods has sometimes unaffordable costs, and why do we have to bear such costs when often happens that a good is not used for a specific period of time.

The car in subscription, as well as all the subscription services, give us the possibility to use what we need when we need. We don’t even need a garage any more.

And, obviusly, a service that sees to the future in this way, cannot miss anything and to keep the steps with the time will soon arrive a third subscription, the electric one, with the addition of Plug-in Hybrid, Mild Hybrid and the such waited Fiat 500 eco.

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