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Electric car: a dream for many italians

Electric car

More than 4 italians on 5 would like to have an electric car. It arises from a recent survey made by Ecu Testing (company of electronic components) on a sample of 1000 italian drivers.

The result amazed, considered that currently only one driver on 100 has one of them. The feeling about the electric car is changing, thanks even to the innovations that are following it.

Between the reasons that would push the italians to buy an electric car surely there is the respect for the environment, mentioned by the 76% of the interwieved. Then there is even the possibility to travel in limited traffic zones, but even the silence of the vehicle.

Electric car: how much does it cost and where to charge it

But what is that stop them to buy those new generation cars? Everyone would think about the price: infact the 44% of the interwieved believe this is to high. It’s even a problem the lack of charging stations (for the 46% of the interwieved).

Enel charging stations
Enel charging stations

This is a wrong feeling, maybe, infact the fuel companies started for while already to spread all around Italy charging stations. For example Enel is working to realize 28.000 charging points for the 2022. And with a rate of 100 installations per week 14.000 charging stations would be installed already until the end of the next year.

The charging’s costs

About the charge, the 54% of interwieved is worry about to high costs. But many tests about it demonstrate the consumptions are always at least half compared with a fuel car.

The electric cars can be charged both with the electric energy at home, and through the charging station spreaded on the territory. The domestic charge is without any doubt the most economic choice, but even the slower one, because it’s limited by the 3 kWatt of the classic home wattmeter.

A medium size battery of 40 kWh, for example, will take up to 13 hours to be charged.

Electric cars charging
Electric cars charging

The street stations instead allow surely higher powers, with charging times proportionately lower. A station of 40 kWh infact will take only one hour to fully charge the battery.

The driving range

Another reason for which the italians don’t choose the electric cars is the feeling that they don’t have so much range.

But the datas should let us think about it: the small Renault Zoe has an autonomy of 300 kilmeters (in the basic version). It’s a compact car of range B, nible and wuick, perfect for the city.

The basic version has a price of 26.000 euros, with right 300 kilometers of autonomy. By investing on a bigger battery, with about 8000 euros more, it’s possible to arrive to 400 kilometers of autonomy.

Renault Zoe
Renault Zoe

The elctric car with the higher performancies is obviusly Tesla with 632 kilometers of the Model S (which price though is surely higher: 150.000 euros). Without even talking about those crazy prices of Tesla, there are anyway other models between the 35.000 and the 45.000 euros equipped with an autonomy up to 400 kilometers.

The electric car and the environment

But the data which is probably the most alarming one is the ecofriendly aspect. Only the 48% thinks that the electric car can really bring a benefit to the environment. Probably this is because they link the electric energy to old generation power plants like the carbon ones or the ones from not renewable sources.

But even here there is a report that denies this wrong feeling and it was made by European Environment Agency. The EEA confirms that the emissions of the electric cars are lower than the fuel ones during their whole life.

An amazing data about the survey is instead the generational target. Are the drivers between the 1945 and the 1964 the ones that most cares about the environment. Only the 23% of the youngest infact believes it is a problem.

The electric car anyway seems ever more the car of the future, but currenly it still appears unaffordable. Surely seen the costs to buy it we will need to wait a little bit more to make this interesting vehicle much more popular.


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