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Bitcoin Magic: February 2021, hystorical month

You surely read it if you like the cryptocurrency world: the last february of 2021 was the month of the breakthrough. Many events about the magic of the bitcoin and of the digital money happened. A month that will enter in the history and that let us hope for the future of this sector.

Tesla and the magic of the bitcoin

The first new to talk about. Everything seems started with Tesla. The company of Musk suffered the magic of the bitcoin and bought 1,5 billion of dollars of this value. Promptly many companies followed it.

The digital money is growing as much that many decide to invest in it.

Tesla was only the beginning. After that even Microstrategy and Square followed the californian brand of advanced cars and suffered the magic of the bitcoin.

The cryptocurrencies are living a glory moment, they had up and downs since the birth in the 2008. Now though many are ever more convinced that it’s the money of the future for the international exchanges.

Magic bitcoin: speculators and investors

As well as in the stock exchange world, even in the one that the bitcoin there are investors and speculators.

After that Musk invested in this marketplace the last february, by announcing even that the company in the future will accept payments with the digital money, the bitcoin became a real business status symbol.

magic bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
In february 2021 there was a real magic bitcoin with companies that invested big amounts increasing the value of this cryptocurrency.

Like we said, besides of who invests, on the marketplace there are even some speculators, which are the ones that buy it when the value is lower and they sell it when it grows.

This phenomena is up to the fact that we are living a moment of financial uncertainity. The companies are looking for safe resources to guarantee the buying power to the customers and the cryptocurrencies seem to be the best solution at the moment.

The magic bitcoin was born from the fact that their value is fluctuating and, even if while the investors increase their value is growing too, many are interested to buy them to use them or to buy cryptocurrencies or to make shopping on the marketplace.

To this phenomena is even connected the drop of march.

Up and down of the cryptocurrencies

February 2021: the magic bitcoin brings the value of the cryptocurrencies to the stars thanks to the big investors. March 2021: the drop and the devaluation of the money, which was short though.

magic bitcoin up and down of the value
After the big events of february, at march 2021 there was a real drop because of the ones that bought and sold the bitcoin.

After that the big companies bought bitcoin for millions dollars, the value of the money increased and the speculators of the marketplace followed the flow and bought cryptocurrencies that then sold to earn somthing.

The problem is that they sold them too fast and a turning point of the marketplace happened. Luckly, already in the month of april it started to grow again, which makes us hope for the next months.

The risks of who buys

If you are wondering so if it worth to buy the cryptocurrencies and make us involved in the magic of the bitcoin. The answer is yes, but remember that there aren’t only the bitcoin.

The digital money fastly evolved and it’s still growing. There are many kind of them on the marketplace for your investments and it seems that the most competitve at the moment is Ethereum.

magic bitcoin investment
The ones that invest in the bitcoin are increasing and changing with the marketplace.

Besides this there is another thing to remember is that the marketplace of the digital money isn’t for all yet. The risks, especially for the small investors are many, because there are still many things that they have to know about this marketplace.

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