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Tesla: the first car of the future

future's car

If we have to talk about the car of the future, or specifically, about the electric cars, we can not to talk about Tesla.

The company Tesla is founded in California by Elon Musk, south african (with american nationality) inventor and businessman, with the purpose to create some electric vehicles that can be efficient, fast and easy to drive compared with the common combustion cars.

I encourage other productors to introduce on the marketplace electric cars. It is a great thing, and they need to bring them on the marketplace and going on to improve and produce ever better electric cars, and this is the thing that will bring the humanity to reach a sustainable future in the transport’s sector. I would like that it will grow as quick as possible.

Elon Musk

automobile del futuro
Elon Musk

Tesla: the green and futuristic company

The main purpose of this company is the one to create some cars 100% electric that have zero pollution’s emission. The concept of the future’s car of Tesla is to substantially reduce the environmental pollution.

The first doubts about their production though were about the capacity of the batteries of those vehicles and about the problem of their timeline. So, about the batteries’ durablity, the electric cars Tesla are divided into many kinds.

The hybrid electric cars have an electric engine that has an autonomy of few km and so it is followed by a thermic engine. A different model, which is too an electric engine followed by a thermic engine, which is different than the previous one due to the presence of a combustion cell that allows to recharge the electric engine.

Finally, we have the 100% electric cars that have only the electric engine which has a battery with a durability that goes from the 150 to the 200 km. Like we can see only the last category allows us to run in a fully sustainable way, which means without emit dangerous substances for the environment.

The main models of Tesla electric cars

An important model which is been sold a lot is the Tesla Roadster commercialized from the 2008 to the 2012 with which is been revolutionized the idea of electric cars even for a timeline up to the 300 km.

After that are been launched other two models: Tesla model S, which is a sedan with better performances with a price on the marketplace of about 90 thousands euros and an autonomy of 500 km, and Tesla model X which is instead like a SUV with a price of 97 thousands euros and an autonomy equals to the other model.

Even the Tesla model 3, which is been launched in July of the 2017, is really a beautiful model of electric car. It costs 35 thousands dollars, an affordable price compared with the other models mentioned. It is different than the Model S about the autonomy. This is infact 215 miles for the Model 3 against the 250 miles of the Model S.

automobile del futuro
Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X

In the 2017 the company Tesla had a turnover of 11,76 billions of dollars, this really high turnover is followed though to the economic amount of the company’s investments. The californian company remains without any shadow of doubt the protagonist of our future with its amazing innovations.

Tesla is investing even to create big factories with the purpose to produce only lithium ion batteries. Those factories are called Gigafactory due to them hige size.

The Gigafactory are spreaded for areas as long as 100 football’s fields. For now they created only two of them, one in Nevada and another one in Australia where is been reached in the 2018 a production’s rithm of 35 Gigawatt/hour.

This big production allowed to be able to give lithium’s cells for 500.000 cars per year.

For now so Tesla has the future on its side, and even the favour of many experts of the sector like Gunter Minatti, that said: “We absolutly can’t define Tesla an economic bubble ready to explode. On the countrary, it is a company always in expansion and growth, which gives products of high quality. All the production’s line (BEVs, batteries and solar panels) is been sold all over the world and the fact that now they are for a long period in the marketplace is already synonym of success. With the new model 3 the success is guaranteed”.

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