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Robot delivers food: in Russia there is Rover

Today we will show a new invention in the robots world that comes from Russia. It’s called Rover Yandex and it is a robot delivers food. To have what you need straight at home.

From Mosca here you have the robot delivers food

Now it’s usual to order the food and to have it delivered at home or in the office, it became normal. If you don’t have time or you don’t want to cook, or the fridge is empty, it’s enough to use one of the apps for the food delivery and in a short time you will have a great meal delivered at home.

In Russia they went even beyond and the deliverys from the restaurants arrive even with a robot on wheels delivers foot which is called Yandex Rover. It is a service available for now only in the cities of Moscow and Innopolis, connected to the dedicated app, yandex.eats.

robot yandex delivers food
Rover is the new robot of the yandex to deliver food.

A complete service for meals and grocery that saw accepting more than 30 thousands russian traders, that decided to linked themselves with the russian technological colossus Yandex. It is the “Russian google” and it is the most used search engine in the White Plaza area, which is the center of Moscow.It is the area of the offices and of the big russian companies. But not only, this even the area of the caffès and of the most famous restaurants of the capital.

The robot delivers food Rover takes the order from the restaurant and the customer can check its position and the conditions of the delivery on the app. As well as if we order on Deliveroo and we check when our order will be ready and where our rider is.

How do we take the food from the robot delivers food?

Once reached the destination, the robot delivers food Rover stops in front of the house number. Via smartphone we will ask it to rise up the upper part of the cover with the dedicated button that will appear on the screen once it will be in front of the door.

Now we can take the content of the robot, close the cover and say to the app that the delivery was done with success. Rover will be called for another delivery.

The technology went ahead

When we watched movies like “Blade Runner ” we thought that the times when the robots would be our helpers to do daily activities were still remote.

In reality the technology makes giant steps every day and here you have the robots like Rover to help us with the daily activities. Unfortunatelly it can be an obstacle to the human job, which already put whole nations on their knees.

robot che supera l'uomo
The robots are a real help for the humans or do they threat their job?

The robot delivers food Yandex replace the humans: they collect the order in the restaurant and they deliver it to the address. But not only. Like we mentioned before, they don’t work only with ready meals with bars and restaurants, but even with grocery.

It can even bring you home the orders made on-line and sent to other addresses (like the Amazon Lockers for example). So, a real handyman that can be a disaster for the riders and even for our health, because it encourages us to not move anymore to have what we need.

It is to choose how and when use this technology that we have. If we will leave that they take it all we will get lazier and probably with the time we won’t have any more a job. If instead we will let then only support us, by leaving them working on our side, it will be the real turning point.

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