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The worst apps to edit pictures

Let’s talk about smartphones and about their super photographic skills. Let’s talk especially about Android mobile; mobile phones that in the years excelled in the marketplace right by focusing on it. Because shoting and editing the pictures with a finger is possible, it’s enough to avoid the worst apps that there are right on the app store.

Make pictures as professionals, without buy a reflex

It isn’t like that, let’s say it, though some of the most modern mobile phones have inside them apps to autonomously edit the pictures with excellent results. Other instead need the help of applications downloadable for free on the app store. Unfortunatelly not all the apps are useful to edit pictures. Some app are worst than others.

How to realize beautiful pictures with the smartphone?

Today we will show you the other side of the coin, which means the worst apps that you can download from your app store to edit pictures. Because besides to shot the right picture, by choosing the correct side, the most perfect light or even the more instagramable character it’s important even to know how to edit the picture with the right applications.

Some Apps are terrible and the reviews demonstrated it

When you download an application do you ever read the reviews of the users that tried it before you? Not? We suggest you to start to do it, because you will start to discover many curious things. For example that many of these apps to edit the pictures were born only to launch on your mobile phone some bugs that slow down it, but especially to continuosly show you trash advertising.

Which are the worst Apps?

One of them is Makeup Photo Editor. Is one of the app suggested for the girls that would like, for example, to take a selfie at the gym and don’t show herself on the social without make up. Unfortunatelly, even though the specifics described in the info of the application, it is mainly a advertising window for other applications or services.

le peggiori app make up
Makeup Photo, an app for the photo retouching to avoid.

The quality of the pictures edited is terrible and at the moment we save the effect on the picture, the mobile phone autonomously crash, as much that the only solution to come back to the starting point is to switch off or to re start the device.

The worst Apps for the effects drawn

If you are one of these users who likes to see himself in the drawn version or in cartoon style, Cartoon Photo is the perfect application for you. Or maybe not? Some users positivelly review it; infact its point on the app store is 3.9, though the app crash: when we apply the filter it lags and the image disappears by bringing you back on the home page. There are mixed opinions that don’t put it on the top of the leagues.

le peggiori app cartoon
Cartoon Photo allows to make the picture’s character painted or in cartoon style.

If you love the photo montages

Do you like to create strange photographic situations to laugh together with your friends? Would like to put your image shoted on the terrace on a golden beach? Between the many apps “cut, paste” we suggest you to not download Taglia e Incolla foto. This app has the bad flaw to stop the user at the best part while he uses the finger to draw the edges of the character to cut and to take out of the context of the original picture. It isn’t practical and the precision of the cut isn’t great. The most precise and lucky users to who it opened and didn’t stop them gave to it maximum three stars too. It’s to avoid.

le peggiori app fotomontaggio
Taglia e Incolla Foto helps the users to create photo montages, but it isn’t practical in the “cut” function.

The worst apps about filters

The most famous one about the pictures filters is Adobe Lightroom. This app is even the most rated, but it is even the first one that appears because it is indexed by the developers with the function advertisement. Anyway it is the most used, but it isn’t the only one that worth. Infact, about the pictures filters apps we can say that there isn’t one of them which is very worst than the others, maybe the only one that is a step back compared with the others is Effetti Fotocamera, that, according with some users, damages the mobile phone’s camera, by realizing picture with a bad resolution. Furthermore, this application has many advertising that avoids the user to focus on the creation too.

le peggiori app effetti
Effetti Fotocamera is one of the worst apps to edit pictures. It allows to apply filters to the pictures made with the smartphone.

Our app stores are full of applications to shot and edit pictures and make them different, funny and amazing. The image becomes almost reality very often thanks to the technology that we have today. So we must be smart and choose well, by believing in the reviews without choose one between the first ones suggested by the system, but believing the other users of the web that already tried them.

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