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Fitbit Sense: a help against the stress

The new Fitbit Sense

The summer is ended, the school restarted and the levels of stress are growing up while coming back to the working routine. But we have a new ally to help us: Fitbit Sense, a smartwatch able to detect moment of tension and to notificate them to the owner. But it isn’t the only new arrived in Fitbit there are even Versa 3 and Inspire 2.

Fitbit Sense

If you think that you don’t need an instrument to detect the stress, instead, you are wrong. Infact often we get confused with the tireness or we don’t notice the sympthoms connect with the getting often sick, insomnia problems, the excessive increase of weigh. Here there is the new smartwatch Fitbit notificating it and suggesting even the relaxing technics. Sense wants to be part of the category of the health watch, furthermore Fitbit even renewed the other lines of production.

This new model remembers the style of the Apple Watch 5, equipped with a screen AMOLED of 1,58 inches, obviusly touch and coloured. The case has a thickness of 12,35 mm and the screen, it’s equipped with environmental light sensor that allows to autonomously better regolate the brightness of the screen.

Fitbit sense
Fitbit Sense is available in two colours white and gold, and black and graphite

On the device there is even the GPS for the geolocalization and to detect the ways did and it is possible to manage it thanks to the vocal commands of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Fitbit Sense has an autonomy of six days, before that you need to recharge it.

It has more than twenty modes of training and it’s able to detect: the heartbeat, the skin temperature on the wirst and to make a kind of electrocardiogram (ECG) and then the activity electrotermic (EDA). This can be detected by laying the palm of the hand on the smartwatch and, according to the sweating levels, it will give a result between 1 and 100. In case of stress it will suggest relaxing methods made straight on the app Fitbit. The app will create even a graphic about how the body answers to the training, to evaluate the efficency of the excercises.

versa 3
The smaller model of Sense is Fitbit Versa 3, which is a little bit smaller and with less functions

The complete report of the stress levels will considere many elements: the balance of the efforts (the impact of the activity), the reactivity (heart frequency, variability of the hear frequence and electroderm activity of the app EDA Scan), and the trend of the sleep (the sleep quality).

Versa 3 and Inspire 2

But we talked about two new smartwatches besides the Fitbit Sense. The first one is the new Versa 3 that this time integrates the GPS for the routes tracking besides that the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Therefore it was added a speaker and a microphone to manage the calls straight from the smartwatch. Even in this case the autonomy might be around six days with a normal usage.

fitbit inspire 2
The inspire 2 remembers the Honor Band, its price though is much higher

Fitbit Inspire 2 remembers a little bit the style of the Honor Band and infact it is a much more basic tracker that allows though to have an autonomy of more than ten days. It had an upgrade with new functions of wellness and for the body shape too, like the function Minutes in active zone.

Let’s finally talk about the prices. All the three models were released a while ago, after a period of pre-sale. FItbit Sense is currently sold for a price a little bit higher than 300 euros, and it is available in the colours steel/graphit and lunar white/gold. While Versa 3 costs a little bit more than 200 euros and it is available in the colours black aluminium/black, pink/gold and night blue/light gold. The last one, even for the price, is the model Inspire at 99 euros available in white, black and ancient pink, the wirsts are all interchangable.

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