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What’s the Facebook Intelligent Click

Intelligent Click

Intelligent Click is the name of the last revolutionary technology made by Facebook. A simil smartwatch that will allow us to interact with any device with only a movement of the hand. Let’s discover it together.

The proposals of Zuckerberg

A while ago Zuckerberg talked about his good proposals for the 2030. In a long post on Facebook he wrote: “It’s time to do something different. My focus will be longer. Unless to have challenges year by year, I tried to think how I hope the world and my life will be in the 2030, so to be sure to focus myself on that things”.

And the works to satisfy the good proposals for the 2030 already started in Menlo Park. Infact, between the proposals for the decade, Zuckerberg even said that “at a certain point in the 2020’s we will have revolutionary glasses for the augmented reality that will redefine our relationship with the technology”.

Therefore, he said even that “Instead to have devices that will bring us away from the people around us, the next platform will help us to be more present and it will brush away technology”.

And it’s right on this last point that it’s focused the Intelligent Click.

A technology that brings us closer to people around us

The last big challenge of the technology is to harmoniously melt the digital and the real world. Without the one obscuring the other.

Intelligent Click
With the Facebook’s Intelligent Click we can interact with the devices with a simple movement of the fingers

The Intelligent Click seems to be a breakthrough in this field. A technology that doesn’t bring us away from people around us. Otherwise, it makes them closer.

But how? One of the biggest problem of the modern devices is that they take all of our attention, by letting us forget what’s around us.

Everything starts with a pair of new smart glasses. As we can read on the long post of presentation of the Intelligent Click of the 9th of march: “the new glasses won’t force us to choose between the real world and the digital world”. The interface, infact, will take place in the view field of the user, which will be able to continue all the activities he was doing in the real world.

But that’s not all. To these smart glasses one needed to add another instrument. Something that drastically reduced the interaction with any technological device, a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or a television.

And there you have the Intelligent Click.

What is and how does the Facebook Intelligent Click work

It’s a wrist device, very similar to a smartwatch. It will allow us to interact with any kind of device only by moving the fingers, even of few millimeters!

Intelligent Click
Thanks to the micro sensors for the electromyography, the Intelligent Click can read the thought

The device was recently presented and, even though Facebook already shared some videos about it, it’s still only a prototype.

To simplify the concept, we can say that the Intelligent Click will work like a mouse. An invisible mouse.

Technically, though, it’s a bit more complicated. The device will work by detecting the electric pulses produced by the motor neuron that move the hands. To do it it will use the micro sensors for the electromyography.

The impulses pass so through the hand to the simil smartwatch that will transport them in commands.

But the most amazing thing is that from Menlo Park they claim that the Intelligent Click will be able to read the thought. It isn’t science-fiction, but reality. The nerve system, infact, activates at the moment of the intention to move the hand and not in the moment of the movement itself. The device, so, will be able to releave the command even if in reality the hand didn’t move yet, but only because there was the intention to do it.

The future of the Intelligent Click

Like we said, at the moment the Intelligent Click is only a prototype and, as one, it can only feel the on and off commands. But very soon it might be able to touch and to move the interface and the virtual objects inside it.

Virtual keyboard
In the future we will be able to write on virtual keyboards

We will so be able, for example, to write on virtual keyboards. At the moment, in the presentation, we saw how a user played at Dinosaur Game without move a finger, by jumping the obstacles. But it’s only the first step in the long way toward the future.

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