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Neo, the smartwatch for kids

Neo, the smartwatch for children

The nowadays children are super technological. They were born in a world that the adults had to know and to learn slowly. They seem, instead to be “born learnt”. What it was a big new for us, it’s normal for them. And how it is even normal that the technology is, mostly, for them. And so here you have Neo, the first smartwatch for kids, let’s find out it together.

Vodafone and Disney create Neo

The cooperation between Vodafone and Disney was born with the purpose to bring the attention on the youngest ones, And it was for them and for their parents that they created Neo.

Neo, the smartwatch for kids
Here you have Neo, the perfect smartwatch for kids

Neo is the smartwatch thought for the youngest ones, from the design, to the functions, to the fun. It is a way to allow the children to firstly approach the digital and the wearable technology world and the parents to always be in touch with them.

By joining the known skills of Vodafone for the design and the technology and the most loved Disney figures we created an unique product, which will be very loved both by the kids and by their parents. 

Our effort to connect our customers to the most important aspects and things of their life drives all we do. And there is nothing more important than be in touch with our own children.”, explains Lutfu Kitapci, manager director of Vodafone Smart Tech.

The functions of Neo

“The planning of Neo was born by the research of a balance between the needs of the children and the parents ones, accessibility and handle”.

Neo is a real smartwatch. Thanks to the Vodafone technology the children can use the smartwatch to take pictures, through the integrated frontal camera.

Right like the smartwatches for adults, Neo has even some functions about the fitness. A step counter, a localization system and the possibility to set the goals, so to encourage even the youngest ones to do some physical activity, while having fun.

Then, there is the calendar, the weather, the calculator and the notes. But the most interesting functions are the ones about the communication system: calls, video messages and messages.

Neo allows the communication only with approved contacts, so to allow the parents to always be in touch with their children.

There isn’t Internet connection, so to guarantee the safety of the kids.

Vodafone Smart App

The Vodafone Smart App is the application connected with Neo that the parents can download to their own smartphones, to be sure that the children are correctly using their smartwatch.

Neo smartwatch
With the Vodafone Smart App the parents can always know where the children are

Through the application it’s possible to set the approved contacts, of which we were talking before, with which the children can communicate, through calls, messages and video messages. They can be the mum and dad ones, the older brothers and sisters, the grandparents and the uncles and unties.

With the Vodafone Smart App, therefore, it is possible to control and to manage the time of the smartwatch usage and to always know where it is, thanks to the localization function.

Technical specifics Neo

Neo doesn’t have nothing to envy to the smartwatches for adults, at least under the technical point of view. It is small and versatile, with a weight a bit higher than 40 grams, a screen of 1,2 inches, a body in polycarbonate and a wrist in polyurethane.

The operating system is AOSP (Android Open Source Project), the camera has 5 megapixel and a RAM of 512 MB.

The battery arrives to 48 hours, in stand by. The communication system is free in case if text messages up to 150 characters, 5 minutes of call and from 10 to 30 seconds of video messages.

The Disney figures of Neo

Thanks to the cooperation with the Disney, Neo has an interesting and attractive interactive experience, thanks to the favourite figures of the children.

Neo Disney figures
Choose the Disney figure that will follow you in your experience with Neo

The figures and the Disney contents available are many from Minnie, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, Baby Yoda and so on. Every figure plays the animated helper of the kid and there will themed activities and sound effects.

Neo will be available starting from the first months of the 2021 for a price of 199 euros.

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