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Fornite disappeared, instead here we have Fortnite 2

Fortnite 2

Thousands of players stunned, while they were playing to the last event of the tenth season of Fortnite, called moreover The End, they saw the disappearing of the game. Fortnite went offline, by bringing with them even the island’s map and all the published tweets on the official account. The connection with the streaming direct of the “black hole” which caughted the game attracted the interest of many fans waiting anxioususly for news. Then the surprise: a new chapter risen from the ashes, online it’s now possible to play at Fortnite 2.

In reality there were already rumors about it, besides to the explicative title of the conclusive event, visiting the page of the AppStore one could notice a suspicious thing: under the name Fortnite appeared the word “Chapter 2”.

Afterward the disappearing of Fortnite, while waiting for further news, the player could entertain themselves with a mini-game that was available only through a secret combination of buttons.

Fortnite 2

So after days of waiting it was revealed a fully new map, with 13 location to explore. Basically it remains the same game, there are still the modes Real Battle and Save the World. The first one is a real challenge to the last survivor, to win infact is the best one between hundred players. In the second one, instead, we have to fight, alone or together, hordes of alien creatures and try to save the survivors of our team.

In this new chapter there are modes of game like the possibility to have a navigable river and new water games. We could go fishing, swimming, motor boating and so on. Even in the Real Battle mode were introduced important news: like the possibility to cure our own companions and to secure our allies. But there will be even some special emotes like the “Give me five” to celebrate a successful mission.

Fortnite 2
The new skin Ball 8

Then about the equipment there are further important news: a coming back to the origins makes impossible to bring in the battle with us too many weapons, giving much more space for the strategy skills of every player. It will be possible though to collect weapons around for the map so to use them in case of necessity.

With Fortnite 2 arrived even new skins both to personalise the weapons and to improve our own avatar. So it’s now possible to choose between the look as a criminal or the one of hero with the skins Rippley and Ball 8, for both of them there will be seven versions. It will be then even possible to easily leveling up, by collecting experience points thanks to specific activities.

Between the many news here you have appearing trash cans and haystacks to hide ourselves and to sneak up on our rivals, but even explosive bins and gas tanks to detonate to shake a bit the game.

Tricks of the new chapter

In Fortnite 2 it’s possible to improve our weapons in the shops spreaded around the map. It will be enough to exchange wood, bricks or metal, which is a really useful new due to the reduction of the armory. Thanks to the fishing rod it’s possible to fish other users. While to move it will be enough to find the right rythm to swim faster and run away so from a trap.

Fortnite 2
The new possibility to carry people

Other small news are the possibility to find treasures hidden in the sand by digging between the dunes. While in the locations Slurpy Swamp it will be possible to easily find places where recover.

The possibility then to carry people isn’t reserved only to the team members, but even to the enemies, it will be so easy to get rid of an opponent by throwing it down from a cliff.

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