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Christmas gifts for gamers for all budgets

Christmas for gamers

Natale, time of gifts, if you have a friend passionated about videogames you can’t know what gift to do. Here you have some suggests for the Christmas gifts for gamers.

Christmas for gamers: the 2019 gifts

Let’s start from the most hi-tech gifts, which are perfect if you don’t know the specific needs of your friend. For example he could need a keyboard useful for the gaming: Logitech G413 is a mechanical keyboard, the passage from the classic membrane one to the mechanical one may have not be done yet especially for a saving reason. But the model Logitech G413 is an entry level, with less functions compared to the most expensive ones but it has a price of 55,99 euros. It is very customizable, it has the backlit keys and an aluminium chassis.

Christmas for gamers
The mechanical keyboard Logitech G413

If instead you can spend a little bit more so the keyboard Corsair K70 Lux is the best choice, it allows an advanced control of the macro and the lighting of the keys thanks to the LED RGB (to fully customize it as we like). We can find it new around the 150 euros.

Christmas for gamers
The mechanical keyboard Corsair K70 Lux

A real mouse for gamer is customizable: Mad Catz RAT Pro S has 24 commands and 8 customizable buttons, the pointing accuracy then is 5000 DPI. The price is about 50 euros for a basic product but it already has a great level for your friend passionated about videogames.

Christmas for gamers
The mouse Mad Catz RAT Pro S Series has a really particular design

Another mouse specifically studied for who plays is the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE. The device has undoubted constructive quality and it has high performances, it is even equipped with wireless charge, the size are massive for a better confort for handle and stability, it has an optical sensor of 16.000 DPI. The handles on the side are interchangeable, there are 9 programmable buttons, with LED backlight. The price in this case is around the 110 euros.

Christmas for gamers
The mouse Corsair Dark Core RGB SE

For a better sound

Maybe you didn’t think that around the passione for the videogames there is a problem about the audio. Infact to really enjoy a match you have to listen even the musics and the audio effects. But if your friend passionated of videogames doesn’t live alone he might annoy the other roommates. For this reason a Christmas gift for gamers is surely the headphones Razer Electra V2 USB. At only 45 euros they promise a balanced sound thanks to the customized audio drivers. Even in this case it has an aluminium chassis, the microphone is really confortable because it is removable, the padding are in synthetic leather, these headphones allow a virtual sound surround of 7.1.

The headphones Razer Electra V2 USB

Between the most interesting accessories, always talking about the sound, there are the acoustic panels Super Dash (the box of 48 costs 79,99) that will allow to less annoying the neighborhood and the roommates, and they even allow to make much more chic the area dedicated to the gaming.

Gadget for garmers (nerd?)

If you don’t want to do a too much personal gift, as it can be a keyboard or a mouse, because your friend may be too much exigent in this sector, you might choose between these gadgets, the most funny ones and less specific.

scaldatazza usb
A Christmas gift for gamers but not only: the mug warmer USB

An idea perfect even for who works a lot with the PC it is the mug warmer USB, which is really useful during the winter period, there are many versions of it, starting from the 6 euros.

A gift to which the gamer surely didn’t think about are the glasses anti blue light, which allow to shield the dangerous blue light and to protect the eyes. The models go from the 14 to the 30 euros.

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