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Apple announces five new iPhones out in 2020

iPhones aren’t your average smartphone and over the years became a status symbol unto themselves. If we are to believe the endless rows of people queuing out of Apple Stores, iPhones are often idolized.

Unsurprisingly, after iPhone 11‘s striking debut earlier this year, the Cupertino based industry delved deep into manufacturing their next creations.

However, 2020 may bring up to five new iPhone models.

If you are Apple aficionados and don’t want to miss a single detail about the upcoming releases, follow us in an in-depth exploration of just what Apple has in store for you.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, what’s what

The highly awaited iPhone 11 was Apple’s latest release.

Sold out a few weeks after its debut in September, Apple’s new smartphone stands out for its highly sophisticated technological innovations. You can find out more in this article.

iPhone 11
The iPhone 11 debuted in 2020

However, it wasn’t long before leaks and rumors about its successor – iPhone 12, scheduled for release soemtime next year – started spreading.

Here you can find a selection of exclusive previews and sneak peaks collected over the last few months.

Understandably, the ensuing hype only increased when it was announced that 2020 may bring up to five brand-new iPhones.

Three new models (plus two surprises)

According to the latest market statistics, in 2020 we may see more than the usual three releases.

The Cupertino based industry is allegedly at work on two additional iPhones, one of which ought to be the direct follow-up to the highly successful iPhone 8.

Prototipi dei nuovi iPhone
A new iPhone line

This isn’t the first time Apple rides on the wake of nostalgia, since the next generation of smartphones should be also inspired, in look and feel, to the long-gone iPhone 4.

Apple’s newest releases appear to be throwbacks, playing upon the huge popularity of the most loved and best selling models of the past years – which undoubtedly helped forging the iPhone myth.

A low-budget model and many news for photo lovers

What are going to be the features of the iPhones out in 2020?

It’s speculated that among the new models there should be two with 6,1 inch screen for a brand new visual experience. The first four models are all going to sport Oled screen, whereas the fifth – the alleged iPhone 8 successor – has a 4,7 inches LCD screen.

Three iPhone cameras in 2020
iPhone 12’s three cameras

This smartphone also ought to be smaller and cheaper than the average Cupertino creation. Online it has allegedly been christened “iPhone 9”, even though little is known about its technical features.

As far as the other four models go, one of the most significant updates ought to be the photographic equipment, with 3D cameras and triple high-definition objectives.

Furthermore, all four new iPhones should mount built-in Qualcomm X55 modems, allowing for 5G Internet connectivity.

Apple goes wireless in 2021

But that’s not at all. According to analysts, 2021 may bring yet more novelties.

Apple will almost surely ditch its Lightning ports and go fully wireless.

iPhone goes wireless in 2021
iPhones will go wireless in 2021

This revolution should initially be limited to the top models that won’t require any kind of cable – not even for file transfert.

What’s for certain is that Apple still has many winning cards up its sleeve. And come 2020, the industry will cast light on its brand new upcoming technological masterpieces.

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