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Eco iPhone realized with 100% of recycled material

Eco iPhone

Apple presentes its ambitious project: create an eco iPhone realized with 100% of recycled material. Apple is already a company which is very careful to the environmental problems, but will it be able to keep this promise?

Apple, green company

Apple is a company which takes care to the environmental problems and the CEO, Tim Cook, remembered it even at the moment of the presentation of his new eco iPhone.

Apple green company
Apple is already very careful about the environmental problems

The Cupertino’s company is already a zero emission company, because inside its factories it uses only energy which comes from renewable sources. By the way its next purpose is the one to become carbon neutral in nine years. Until the 2030 so.

This means that it must reduce to zero the emissions of the whole ecosystem, from the raw materials to the arrival of the product to the final customer, and not only on the factories.

Green targets reached

Even if the eco iPhone doesn’t exist yet, the company is, in reality, already doing good in the realization of its ambitious project. The 40% of the aluminium used to produce the Macs, for example, is already recycled. Another green decision was the one to completely avoid the chargers from the box of the new iPhones.

Daisy robot apple
Daisy is the robot that disassemble the old iPhones to recycle them

As the company claims, most of the users that buy a new iPhone is already an Apple user and that’s mean that he has already an original charger. So why should we realize another one, with all the effort for the environment?

About the new iPhone 12, instead, Apple uses the 98% of recycled minerals. And Cook remembers us about Daisy, the robot specifically created to disassemble the iPhones to recycle the materials.

But that’s not all. Apple, infact, asked to the suppliers to do the same, by starting to use the 100% of renewable energy. It seems that there are a hundred of suppliers that already joined the project.

The presentation of the eco iPhone

The news of the patent of an eco iPhone, completely realized with recycled material, arrived during the Viva Tech 2021, a digital edition of the Paris’ press, to which Tim Cook partecipated.

Cameras ready to be recycled

One already knew that Apple wanted to become carbon neutral until the 2030. So Lacroix, Ceo of Brut, asked to Cook something about it.

The answer of the Ceo of Apple was the announcement of the eco iPhone. “It seems that a great product for the users and a great product for the planet can be the same thing, that’s the target that we fixed”.

Is it possible to create an eco iPhone with the 100% of recycled materials?

The question if it’s possible to create an eco iPhone realized with the 100% of recycled material has an answer in the two main competitors.

Apple, infact, is approaching an already existent world. The company doesn’t have nothing to envy to the others about ecology. Like we said the Cupertino’s company knows how to saveguard the planet and it’s doing it right.

But about the eco smartphones we can have a look around.

The real pioneer of the ecologic smartphone was Samsung, back in the 2008, with its Evergreen SGH-A667. The smartphone is realize with 70% of recycled material. Even the box was realized with recycled paper and the ink to write on them is made of soia.

Again Samsung launched, then, in the 2009, Blue Earth. A smartphone realized with the 100% of recycled plastic, without polluting additives and equipped with a mini solar panel to charge it.

Lastely, there is LG Optimus G, the real first one to receive the “Carbon Free” certification.

Can Apple realize an eco iPhone with 100% of recycled material so? Maybe, but until today no one did it.

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