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Apple presents the new iMac and iPad

New iMac and iPad

Less then two months ago Apple presented the new iMac and iPad, both of them with the new chip M1, and both of them are already in the shelves of the stores, ready to enter inside our homes. Let’s discover them together.

The presentation of the new iMac and iPad

The one of the last 20th of april was one of the most waited event of the sector. Because it was the first one of the 2021, and because of the hard period that we are all having, all of us wanted to know the news coming from Apple.

The Cupertino’s company organized a streaming event, live from its headquarter, two steps away from San Francisco. During the event it presented its new products: the new iMad and iPad with the chip M1, but not only.

During the direct they talked even about the AirTag, the new keyboards and the new mouse, which were specifically thought for the most recent iMac and the new Apple Tv 4K.

Furthermore, it’s been announced a new version of the iPhone 12 and of the iPhone 12 mini, which will be available in new colours. Lastely, it’s been even announced some upgrades about the Podcast service of Apple.

Here you have the new iMac

Let’s start from the new iMac, the board computers all-in-one by Apple.

iMac 7 colours
The new iMac is available in seven colours

This new model is even thinner then the previous (11,5 millimeters) and more silent. The screen has 24 inches. Under the design point of view the big difference with the previous ones is that this new iMac is available in 7 colours, instead that only in the classic aluminium grey.

Even the camera was improved. This computer has a model at 1080p and a sensor which is able to collect more light.

The new iMac have 4 USB-C doors and a magnetic door. It’s used for the charging cable.

The computers are already on sale. The basic model starts from 1499 euros.

Keyboards and mouse for iMac

Together with the new desk computer, Apple presented even the new keyboard and the new mouses.

keyboard sensor touch id
The new keyboard with Touch ID sensor, to read the fingerprints, announced together with the new iMac

The basic models of both were upgraded, as usual. But the new is a new model of keyboard with Touch Id sensor for the fingerprints.

The system is very useful to quickly unlock the computer or to pass to an account to another. But with the fingerprints reader it will be even possible to quickly put the password to confirme the payments with Apple Pay.

Here you have the new iPad Pro

Let’s now talk about the second big new: the new iPad Pro. It’s the first tablet made by Apple to be equipped with the processor M1, which was until now only used on the pcs.

New iPad
The new iPad, the first ones with processor M1

This iPad is much faster than the previous one, but the battery is still, anyway, enough efficient (up to 10 hours of autonomy).

The iPad Pro are available in two versions: with the screen of 11 inches and with the screen of 12,9 inches.

The one of 12,9 has a “Liquid Retina XDR”, a panel with LEDs much smaller than the one used usually. The smaller LEDs allow to better regulate the luminosity according with the contrast of the images.

Liquid Retina XDR
Liquid Retina XDR, a tecnology with smaller LEDs

Furthermore, in the new iPads there are even new sensors for the augmented reality. The basic model of 11 inches starts from 899 euros, while the one of 12,9 inches from 1219 euros.

Processor M1

Let’s, lastely, talk about the new processor M1, which is equipped both on the iMac and on the iPad.

We previously mentioned that the new iMac is thinner and more silent than the previous ones. That’s right thanks to the processor M1. Infact, it allows to reduce the space inside the computer and they even need less powerful fans to cool down the components.

Therefore, the introduction of the new chip signed the end of the usage of the processors Intel. The chip M1 was completely planned and developed by Apple.


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