10 technological trends of the 2019

Technological trends

It’s hard to say which will be the best ten technological trends of the year, in a scenario where the technology changes even every week.

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Every year is characterised by a multitude of gadgets and technological innovations more than the previous one.

Many tried to list the 10 technological trends of the 2019, first of all Gartner, world’s leading company in the consulting, research and analysis in the field of the innovation and technology.

Here you have the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends according to Gartner:

Autonomous objects

Trend tecnologici
Autonomous objects

We are use to match the word autonomous with cars and driving methods, but it’s not all.

There are robots, drones and many kinds of vehicles that use the artificial intelligence to do duties mainly humans, but even digital versions of software agents and applications.

Augmented analytics

The augmented analytics is a specific sector of the augmented reality.

A branch of the artificial intelligence that quickly evolve, helping during the development and the management of the datas, the management of the business processes, the mining and the data science platforms.

Develop AI Driven

Trend tecnologici
AI Driven

We are talking, in this case, of using the artificial intelligence in the development phase.

Currently the developers have to cooperate with the data scientist, but the usage of default models and of the artificial intelligence during the develop and test process, will allow to change the team’s structure.

In this case the developers able to juggle with the artificial intelligence and the default models will be able to realise alone the applications.

It is estimated that until the 2020 the new development’s project of the applications will have inside their teams an AI cooperator.

Digital twins

Trend tecnologici
Digital twins

We saw the digital twins inside many science-fiction movies. It is the realisation of “digital twins” of real objects.

It was needed to create digital copies especially in the field of the modern cars, equipped with sensors and endpoint.

Firstly the twin was needed only in the testing phase, to avoid physical and real damages to things, but its functions quicly increase.

It won’t pass much time before to see whole factories recreated in digital twins, to study the produtive processes and better optimase them. The internet of things will be really usefull during the digitalisation of the object.

Edge computing

The necessity of the edge computing was born after the development of the internet of things. It is about to get closer the cloud to the IoT.

We can consider it a decentralisation of the cloud, that has been moved closer to the point where the informations are collected (sensors, camera, smart devices, etc).

With the arrive of the 5G the edge computing will surely find much more space in the global panorama.

Immersive experiences

Trend tecnologici
Immersive experiences

Those are technological trends that we learnt to know in the last period: augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

Those are at the moment mainly used for the videogames world, but its usage is quickly expanding towards the education, the medicine and the job.


The blockchain is a datas’ structure shared and immutable during the time.

It exactly a block’s chain, destined to grow as the time goes by but immutable because, once written tha datas cannot be changed or deleted any more.

It’s been firstly applied in the field of the cryptocurrencies, but is moving even in business sectors.

Smart space

The smart spaces, follow the same concept of the smart cities, and are adapting to the most advanced technologies, by incorporating in a place, like the working one, the virtual reality, the augmented reality, etc.

Quantum computer

Trend tecnologici
IBM Q System One

The quantum technology is moving its first steps outside the walls of the laboratory and it promises to shortly change the informatic and the whole digital world as we know it.

The IBM Q System One, presented to the CES, is the first commercial quantum computer.

Privacy and ethic

The last technological trend is not a technology but a concept closely linked to the digital and informatic world. The privacy topic is thorny and lately is making ever more stir.

It’s a concept that must be applied in every single new technology and innovation, due the increasing of an ever more connected and public future. 

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