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Idego: the virtual reality as psychotherapy


Idego was born with the purpose to improve an environment that remained muffled in a comfy past, the one of the psychology.

The future is the virtual reality, but it isn’t only the things that we are used to see. Besides the gaming and the playful functioning, the virtual reality is much more. It can be a valid help to the education, to train the competences, to improve the understanding and the psychologic and psycotherapist action.

This is the idea of Idego, which changes the perception that the patient has of himself and of the world that surrounds him, in a protected and controlled world.

The Idego experience


With the evolution and the tehnologic progress all the medical sectors adapted themselves and implemented their instruments, reaching a higher efficience and improving themselves.

Idego revisits the old psychotherapist methods with the adding of the last technologies, revolutionizing even the sector of the mental diseases.

The project is fully italian, and the team is composed by young psychologists and editors, passionated of innovation and technology, hopeful to contribute to the changing.

The Idego’s proposes

Besides the virtual reality, on which is focused the whole project, Idego proposes even other two innovations that try to get closer the psychology and the technology. The first one is “Twende!”, a service of free and professional online psychologic consulence.

The purpose of Twende is the one to break down the geographic, cultural and social boundaries that often obstruct a proper psychologic therapy. Besides to Twende!, Idego is pursuing a project of constant research, develop and experimentation, with the purpose to guarantee always the best of the technology in the psychology field.

The virtual reality of Idego

Idego is focusing on the technology of the moment, the virtual reality, it realizes virtual environments, with the purpose to help the normal psychologic therapy for the treatment of mental diseases and phobias. Everything thanks to the help of expert psychologists.

Thanks to the virtual reality Idego proposes a therapy focused on the experience interface, immersivity, controll and flexibility.

  • Experience interface because the virtual reality allows the patients a prompter and more natural approach.
  • Immersivity because the environments realized in virtual reality guarantee a complete involvement of the cognitive and perceptual abilities, as well as they are in a real world.
  • Control because work on a phobias or on a disease in a controlled and protected environment, which is the virtual one, allows to stop, repeat and change the reality according to the needs.
  • Flexibility because the scenarios of the virtual reality can be changed according to the specific needs of the patient.

Idego in the practical field


The virtual realities created by Idego help the normal psychologic therapies. With Idego it is possible to controll and work on the anxiety disorders and the panic attacks. 

There are specific applications to treat the obsessive compulsive disorder and the psychotic disorders. Furthermore Idego is been used in the rehabilitation, creating more funny and stimulating environments compared with the reality of a hospital, in the mental training for the athletes and in the meditation.

The applications of Idego

Using the virtual reality’s applications of Idego is really easy, we just need a viewer and an expert psychologist. Between the applications we find Cerebrum, a cognitive rehabilitation’s app divided into three cognitive dominos: memory and learning, cognitive estimations and attention.

Cerebrum collects a series of excersices in virtual reality, with environments that reproduce conditions of daily life, with the purpose to improve our own cognitive skills. We find then Driver, application that works to treat the amaxophobia.

The amaxophobia is the uncontrolled and unjustified phobia to drive every kind of vehicle. To drive and to move with a car is in our society essential, but for many of us it is an anxious and stressing experience that risks to lead in a real phobia.

There is then Clauser, the application that wants to treat two between the most common and spreaded diseases, the claustrophobia and the agoraphobia. But the Idego’s applications are much more, there are many others of them to treat every kind of mental diseases and phobias.

The only limit of the virtual reality is the imagination. 

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