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The best science-fiction tv series

serie tv fantascientifiche

Starting from the big classics, up to the most recent masterpieces, here you have a journey between the best science-fiction TV series.

Star Trekserie tv fantascientifiche

Let’s start the list of the best science-fiction TV series with the one that was the biggest spacial journeyes’ story ever told, where the future’s humans, under the United Federation of Planets, explore the universe “to go where no man has gone before”. The first TV serie debuted in the 1966 and since then Star Trek gave rise to a real fans’ community that is unmatched. During the next years Start Terk gave rise to other five TV serie and thirteen movies and it won 33 Emmy, 5 Hugo, 1 Oscar and many Saturn Award.

X-Filesserie tv fantascientifiche

X-Files is another TV serie cult, trasmitted between the years 1993 and the 2002 and then there was a revival starting from the 2016 and currently in production. The TV serie saw as protagonists two FBI’s agents (Fox Mulder e Dana Scully) dealing with unique cases that take a cue from the progenitors of the sci-fi, like UFO, aliens, artificial intelligence, conspirancies, genetic mutations, etc.

Doctor Whoserie tv fantascientifiche

This time to give the birth to one of the best science-fiction TV series aren’t the United States of America, but the UK, that, starting from the 1963 gave the birth to the Dottor Who. The classic serie ended up in the 1989, but a new serie, started in the 2005, is currently in production. The telefilm tell the events of the Doctor that, on board of the TARDIS travels in the space and in the time, facing with ever different challanges and enemies, saving whole civilizations and helping whoever needs, with the help of the sonic screwdriver.

Lost in spaceserie tv fantascientifiche

The telefilm was released for the first time between the 1965 and the 1968, while the remake, now in production, is available on Netflix. The telefilm tells the story of the Robinson family, on their way to the Alpha Centauri’s colony. During the spacial trip, though, the ship where they were is been attacked and the family, run away  on board of the Jupiter 2, ending up on an alien planet lost in the space. Trying to discover the accident’s cause and the way to restart their journey towards Alpha Centauri, the Robinson need to deal with a planet not really hospitable, discovering during the story that maybe all the problems both on the Earth and on Alpha Centauri are up to the human race and that so it is impossible to run away from it.

Falling Skiesserie tv fantascientifiche

Falling Skies is a TV serie released between the 2011 and the 2015 on the cable TV, on TNT in America and on FOX before and on Cielo after in Italy. The complete serie is now available even on Netflix. The telefilm tells the events of a survivals’ family on a planet Earth devastated after an alien attack and under the control of the invasors. An ex professor of history and his three sons are on the forefront and ready for everything to take back the planet, next to a resistance’s group, the Second Massachussets, of which they will become the backbone.

Stranger Thingsserie tv fantascientifiche

Stranger Things is an original serie Netflix, between the most loved and awarded of the streaming’s platform, started in the 2016 and currently in production. The story takes place during the ’80s, at Hawkins, in the Indiana, a town apparently quiet, that is turned upside down by the disappearing of a boy and the appearing of a girl called Eleven with psychic powers. Eleven will meet the three friends of the disappeared boy and she will help them to save him, jumping into a world between sci-fi and horror, populated by terrified creatures, that the protagonists associate to their favorite game “Dungeon and Dragons” and to the audience it remember a lot the first movies of Spielberg.

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