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Xiaomi Hypercharge, the ultra fast charge in 8 minutes

Xiaomi Hypercharge

Let’s imagine a smartphone that can fully re-charge in only 8 minutes. Soon it won’t be a dream anymore, but reality. The system was developed by Xiaomi, it’s called Xiaomi Hypercharge, it might arrive on the marketplace the next year and it promises an ultra fast charge in only eight minutes.

Xiaomi and the technology Hypercharge

Xiaomi isn’t new in the field of the ultra fast charge, but with Hypercharge it really passed all the imaginable limits.

Xiaomi Hypercharge
Xiaomi beat any previous record of fast charge

HyperCharge is the name that the chinese company gave to its last invention. The technology beat any previous record of fast charge. It’s a system that provides both wired charge and the wireless one, and both of them are the faster ever.

They have respectively a power input of 200 and 120 Watt. Hypercharge is able to charge a battery of 4000 mAh from 0 to 100 in only eight minutes, with the wired charge, and in twelve with the wireless mode.

The presentation of the device of ultra fast charge of Xiaomi

Xiaomi announced a while ago to be able to beat all the records of charge, being able to fully charge a battery of 4000 mAh in only eight minutes.

Xiaomi Hypercharge
Xiaomi presented Hypercharge with a video

By the way it was a claim that left the most sceptical with many doubts. To convince all of its success in the field of the ultra fast charge, Xiaomi shared a video that showed HyperCharge in function.

In the video we can see a Mii 11 Pro, smartphone top of the line of the chinese company, that reaches the 50% of the battery in only three minutes. After other five minutes (for a total of eight minutes) the smartphone is able to complete the charge.

The video of presentation doesn’t finish here. After the demonstration of the wired charge we can see the same Mii 11 Pro pass from 0 to 10% of battery in only a minute, thanks to the wireless charge. It then reached the 50% in seven minutes and the 100% in twelve minutes.

Hypercharge by Xiaomi is powerful and safe

We understood that HyperCharge is powerful, as no other charge before. The results are astonishing. There isn’t any other technology in the world able to reach the 200 Watt.

Xiaomi Hypercharge
According to the company Hypercharge besides to be powerful is even safe

But the question now is: is HyperCharge safe? The question arrived by the most sceptical. And the chinese company answered that the technology has up to 40 measures of safety and that  HyperCharge is very safe. Therefore, before to arrive to its presentation and the next commercialization, the technology spent a lot of time in the department of Research and Development of Xiaomi.

Many are even the doubts about the effects of the ultra fast charge on the battery of the smartphone. The company said that the last of the battery of the mobile phone remained up to the 80% after 800 complete charge cycles. The valus is even much higher than the average, because the standard is the 60%.

There are, lastely, even many doubts about its usage outside the Mii of Xiaomi. HyperCharge, infact, was specifically developed for this kind of smartphones and not even the developers themselves know about it.

The arrival of HyperCharge on the marketplace

Xiaomi didn’t say nothing about the arrival of HyperCharge on the marketplace, but its debut is planned for the 2022. It seems that the company is preparing itself for the production until June of 2022.

What’s sure is that the ultra fast charge will arrive right on the Mii line, probably on the Mii 12 Ultra, which arrival on the marketplace is planned for the next year.

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