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Remarkable, the tablet to hand write


If you are looking for a tablet Remarkable isn’t for you. Remarkable isn’t a tablet like an iPad or a tablet Android can be. But that’s the best way to take hand notes, digitally. Let’s discover it together.

The pleasure to hand write in the digital era

First of all let’s make a small premise: there is who loves to hand write and to take notes on a real paper foil, but that doesn’t avoid the confort of the digital. It was right fo them that Remarkable was born.

Remarkable, hand write
Remarkable was thought for who doesn’t want to give up with the pleasure of hand writing

Often one thinks that there must be a clear distintion between the paper conservatives and the digital innovators. That’s wrong. The line doesn’t have to be such clear.

From a side there is who almost doesn’t remember any more how to hand write. It isn’t rare to hear something like “it’s been years that I don’t touch a pen”. From the other side there is who freaks out to hear that words.

There is who arrives to the lesson by asking to the the prof to record the lesson. And who arrives with notebooks, pens and markers and that runs to take the notes by following the speed of the voice of who is talking.

But then these notes where do they end. And if we would like to work on a thesis, a project, to write a story, a letter, what to we do with our text on the paper in the digital era?

It was for all of these reasons that the tablet thought for who loves to hand write were born. Remarkable is one of them, maybe it’s the most famous on the marketplace. The feeling is the same one, but all what we write, we will have it in the digital format too!

What can we do with Remarkable?

The question is: is Remarkable a tablet so?

Remarkable isn’t a tablet like all the others, but it’s the best way to take note in digital

The answer is no. With Remarkable we won’t be able to watch videos on Youtube or tv series on Netflix, we won’t be able to scroll our homepage of Facebook and Instagram or to download our favourite mobile game.

With Remarkable we can hand write. For this reason, according to someone, it’s only a very, very, expensive notebook. But who was looking for a solution to not give up with the comfort of the digital without giving up to the timeless pleasure of hand write neither, thinks different.

Obviusly, it isn’t limited to the functions of a normal notebook. While starting to use it we will find out promptly. We will be able to choose the paper layout and the pen.

We will be able to organize the documents in files, to view them in Pdf or in the version for eBook,

It will be like to write on a piece of paper

When we will start to write we will see how the feeling is much different from the one that we have while writing on a normal tablet. It will really seems that our pen is writing on a real piece of paper.

Remarkable feeling paper
Remarkable is the tablet that gets closer to the feeling to hand write on a piece of paper

If we use, for example, the pencil we will have to push harder to make the draw more visible. If, instead, we would like to use a pen with a bigger tip, the width will increase according to how we incline the pen. Everything like a normal pen and a normal piece of paper.

We can say that Remarkable is surely the tablet that gets closer to the natural feeling of hand writing. 

Characteristics Remarkable 2

Lastely, let’s talk about Remarkable 2, the last available version. It has a width of only 4,7 mm (the thinnest tablet of the world) and a weight of about 400 grams.

The screen has 10,3 inches. The processor is an ARM Dual Core of 1,2 GHz. The battery of 3000 mAh lasts up to two weeks.

Together with the tablet, obviusly, we have to buy the pen (that we can choose between the basic version and the Marker Plus). The pen can be put on the side of thel tablet, which is magnetic, where it will autonomously charge.

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