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Instagram will improve the Swipe Up, what will change?

Instagram Swipe Up

If you already know what the Swipe Up of Instagram is so that’s mean that you have more than 10.000 followers. Yes, because currently they are the only accounts able to use this function. But really soon it will change. Instagram, infact, is adding a new function, by giving to all the possibilities to use the Swipe Up. Let’s discover together what’s this function and what will change now that everyone will be able to use it.

What’s the Swipe Up of Instagram

The Swipe Up is a function that can be added to the Instagram Stories and that allow to index our followers to channels external to the social network, like a web site, a blog or an e-commerce.

It’s an instrument very useful, because the users is able to pass to the website with a simple move of the finger. Without the need to past and copy the link, for example.

This instrument, like we said, can be added to the Instagram Stories, a function available since the 2016 that allows to the users to publish contents “to term”. Pictures, videos or texts, infact, will be visible for 24 hours, and then they will disappear forever.

The Stories are today the most used element by the users and the most followed by the followers. So it’s really important to have the possibility to put external links straight inside the stories.

But what does Swipe Up mean?

Swipe Up
Swipe Up

In the social network the word is often connected to the movement of the finger on the screen of the smartphone that, swiping up, it activates new functions.

Specifically with the Swipe Up of the Instagram Stories, the followers will have to swip up the fingers from the bottom to the top to access to the link put by the user.

At the moment the Swipe Up is only available for the profiles with more than 10.000 followers and for the account business associated to a Facebook page and connected to a job activity.

All the others can’t put external links inside the Instagram Stories, but they use some tricks.

What’s the Link in Bio

The tricks used by the profiles that can’t use the Swipe Up is called Link in Bio.

Swipe Up e Link in Bio
All the ones that don’t reach the 10.000 followers use a trick called Link in Bio

If we would like to index our followers, for example, to our website, but we don’t have 10.000 followers, the only alternative is the one to put the link inside our Biography of Instagram.

After that in the Stories we will index to our Biography (which is already possible for everyone).

A trick that until now worked well. But now Instagram is thinking to make the Swipe Up available for everyone and many are looking forward for the new function.

How will the new function be

According to the rumors, by the way, the new Swipe Up won’t look like the function that we already know. The result is the same one, which is the one to reach an external link straight from the Instagram Stories, but the modes will change.

We won’t have to swipe up the finger. The link, in the new version, will be connected to a sticker, that can be placed by the user in any point of the screen. To access to the link, so, it will be enough to click on the sticker.

Therefore, Instagram led us know that it will be take care about the kind of link that will be added, because now everyone will be able to do it.

For the reason the kinds of links that we will be able to add in the sticker are three: a simple link, toward a web site, a blog, a specific page or an e-commerce. View the shop, we can index the followers straight in the shop of the Instagram profiles. Or view product, the followers can be index toward a specific product.

Maybe, it will need a little bit more before that this new Swipe Up will be available for everyone. Many are already looking forward to it.

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