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Hydrogen car: Hyundai presents Nexo

The new Hyundai Nexo

A car without emission, a car able to clear the air, a car that not even emits sound… If you think it’s utopian, a futuristic dream, you are wrong! Hyundai, infact, just presented Nexo: the first one between the hydrogen cars that opens the way to new possibilities of sustainable mobility. Specifically we are talking about a high performance SUV, extremely versatile.

How do the hydrogen cars work

Nexo is the first car in the world with fuel cells that will produced in mass. Infact the corean company unday, between the eighteen new models that it wants to produce until the 2025, all of them with zero emissions, there is even the new Nexo at hydrogen.

hydrogen tanks
The tanks contain hydrogen stored at high pressure, a full can be made in only five minutes

The hydrogen is a light gas very common on our planet. It’s stored in high pressure tanks and then it’s put inside the fuel cell. In the cell then there will be an electrochemical reaction which is able to create electricity. Lastely, instead to realese polluting gases as the therm engine cars, it emits vapour!

As they are realized, so, the hydrogen cars are very alike an electric car. They are equipped with a backup battery which is able to store the energy made with the brake, exactly like the electric cars. Even about the sound they are on the same level: quiet and discreet.

The advantages of the hydrogen

But let’s see which are the other advantages that we can have while using the hydrogen as a fuel. When we use the hydrogen, besides to create electricity, we even create heat, vapour and the purified air that we didn’t use in the fuel cell. It helps to reduce the quantity of fine dust in the air.

hyundai nexo
The new Hyundai Nexo is quiet and performing: it has an autonomy of up to sixhundred kilometers with a full 

Besides to pollute less, a hydrogen car even allows to have an autonomy of up to six hundred kilometers. Therefore we can make a complete full in only 5 minutes, in the specialised stations.

Compared to the 100% electric vehicles this new SUV doesn’t have nothing to envy, infact the engine couple is available since the first moves, which appear extremely safe.

Hyundai Nexo

The new SUV Hyundai is approved for five seats and it starts from 75.000 euros. The touching system that allows to view all the parameters of the car, allows even to check how many kilometers are missed to the next closer station.

nexo panel
The soft touch panel allows to set many parameters of the car between which the one to increase the autonomy

In Italy though it doesn’t matter: at the moment there is only one hydrogen station and it’s in Bolzano. But there might arrive other ten in Alto Adige and on the Brennero Road. Even Eni is working on it to realize a station in Milan. The car tanks has 6 liters and to make the full to the hydrogen car we spend about eighty euros (in Bolzano).  The cost infact is 11,29 euros per kile, without IVA, here in Italy, while is lower for example in Austria (about twenty euros less for a full).

The SUV Nexo has an engine of 163 horses and a maximum speed of 179 km/h. And thanks to the many drive settings it’s possible to change many parameters to increase the autonomy. The internal set, according to how we decide to manage the seats places, can change: the luggage infact can go from 461 liters to 1466.

The hydrogen car Nexo worths the 5 stars EuroNcap in the field of the european program to evaluate where there is even the Automobile Club d’Italia, which is the best.

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