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Smart mirror, the “mirror on the wall” is the smartest of all?

Smart mirror, the futuristic, tecnhologically advanced mirrors

Smart mirrors are where it’s at. That’s right, folks – by the look of it, mirrors may as well be the new trend in the smart devices industry, after phones, watches and glasses.

The smart industry has come a long way, and we could get the first tantalizing glimpses of just how long that spans during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – with an AI powered smart toothbrush among its key highlights.

Interactivity and smart features are part of our everyday life. Unsurprisingly, even an ordinary item like a mirror could be reinvented with a hi-tech twist.

But what are the specs of a smart mirror and why these devices are selling like hot buns among consumers? Let’s find out on Enkey.

Black, pardon, smart mirror: the not-so-secret beginnings

Smart mirrors are perhaps some of the most recent additions to the ever sprawling family of smart devices.

Smart mirrors are, of course, mostly being marketed as home apparels, but lately found their way in the beauty and fashion field as well.

Originally, however, smart mirrors were first developed as part of the automotive industry.

Smart mirror al volante
Smart mirror enhance your driving experience

Cars manufacturers were the very first to tread into an yet-uncharted market. The goal was to offer drivers some helpful enhancements to their security through touchscreen devices.

The main features include Bluetooth connectivity, rear view, control over reflection and glare, as well as live feed, calendars and music. Smart rear mirrors turn the experience of driving futuristic cars into a comfortable yet entertaining ride.

Mirror of the wall… when beauty is also smart

The development of smart mirrors could not get unnoticed by the cosmetic industry. Beauticians were just as quick to seize the full potential of these new devices.

Henceforth, a new sleath of smart mirrors was developed. Their most interesting feature is a wide range of light settings which can be artificially replicated. This way, you can see just how your makeup’s going to appear in about any light condition.

Smart mirrors for makeup artists
Light effects, skin care, makeup advices and tips; smart mirrors are used in beauty industry

And light settings are but one card up the smart mirrors sleeve.

These mirrors may analize your face detecting any blemishes, flaws, areas in need of comestic retouches, shadows under your eyes, and much more besides.

That’s not all. Smart mirrors, at least the ones used by professional makeup artists, offer also many useful resources, tips and tricks.

A smart mirror may display the ingredients of your favorite cosmetics and determine whether a  beauty treatment is good or bad for your skin. It likewise offers practical know-how solutions to small and large problems alike.

Much to the joy of anyone who works with beauty, like bloggers, instagrammers, makeup artists and actresses.

Smart mirrors in shopping malls

Smart mirrors are also getting increasingly popular in retail stores, especially where shopping and fashion are concerned. The developers exploited their features and performances to full extent.

Similarly to the smart mirro0rs used in the beauty and makeup industry, these mirrors offer a wide variety of additional features. Which, it’s safe to say, will make shopping twice as engaging, customized and – obviously – hi-tech.

Smart mirrors can replicate different light conditions, but also bring up the accessories and wearables matching a particular outfit.

Smart mirrors are a revolution for shopping
Shopping is twice more intriguing with the new smart mirrors

Furthermore, smart mirrors may offer a series of color palettes which we can further customize to  create bold and unique looks.

The mirror also tells uls in what sizes each outfit comes and which ones are currently available. Even the purchase can be quickly sorted out with just one swipe of your credit card or smartphone over the smart mirror‘s surface. Long queues at the cash are no longer going to be a problem for consumers.

An upcoming expansion into the domestic market

The many features of smart mirrors have allowed these devices to become increasingly popular in the span of just a few years.

Their growth isn’t going to halt anytime soon either, like a research on consumes revealed. According to the analysis, smart mirrors sales are going to break the 1200 million dollars record already in 2020.

Smart mirror
Smart mirrors are increasingly popular

“They are the perfect devices for today’s image and data-obsessed culture“, consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow explained during an interview with the magazine “Allure”.

“People are dealing with unprecedented amounts of stress […] which have made us incredibly anxious. And the natural antidote to anxiety is control. There’s something calming and stress-reducing about information.”

It’s safe to say that smart mirrors will soon become part of our everyday life. Much like in Snow White’s fairytale, men and women of tomorrow may interact from the early morning with their clever new mirrors.

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