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Freebie: social new

If you are always looking for new things to learn the freebie is perfect for you. Let’s see together what it is, and why it is useful, but especially where to find them.

What is a freebie?

It is a content shared for free on the socials – especially on Instagram – in exchange of an active interaction on the profile of who created the content.

It can be a video, a photographic wallpaper for your smartphone or even a file-guide to learn something new about a specific topic.

freebie example
An example of freebie proposed on the website show you how to shot beautiful pictures for your blog.

The important thing is that it’s free and sharable by all, so in a format that can be read by all the systems for pc or mobile.

Why Instagram

Many used them even on their own websites. Many bloggers have the section “free contents” in their home, so, there you can find some freebie maybe in the shape of link drive.

Instagram though is at the moment the most used social platform to share these files. Why? Well, behind the creation of these contents there is a specific purpose: create interaction with the profile that proposes the free content.

freebie follow us on instagram
The idea of the freebie is the one to leave a free content for who does an action on the profile. It’s useful to create an interaction.

You might noticed that many Instagram profiles propose freebies in exchange of small acts to make interactions with its own profile. Many openly ask a comment to a post, or even the sharing with tags in the stories. It is a proven strategy that pushes the algorythm of Instagram to show as much as possible to the new users the profile.

Freebie and other socials

The creation of these contents anyway isn’t useful only for the engagement strategy of Instagram. Even on Pinterest for example, it’s becoming very useful proposing links with free contents to send the people on our own website.

In this case they didn’t ask for any interaction on the social where there is the propose. But when we arrive to the website to obtain the contant very often it’s asked to us to fill a form to subscribe to the newsletter of the website. In this case it is very important to create an attractive strategy that push the people to visit the website and then to subscribe to the newsletter, so the engagement work will surely be much more complicated, but even more useful.

freebie and newsletter
The freebie can be used even to encourage the users to subscribe to the newsletter of our own website.

In the case of Instagram often the people use the strategy of the follow/unfollow only to obtain the wished freebie. In case of the link of Pinterest that brings on the website, instead, the user will be encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter because before to arrive there for the freebie he was interested about the topics of the website. Let’s say that it is a more conscious choice by the user, that will be subscribed to the newsletter because he chosen it, unless than follow a profile only because he wanted a “gift”.

The quality of the content is important

There is freebie and freebie. The quality of the content that we propose is very important for the loyalty of the user to our own website and/or to the profile.

Even if it is a free content, if the freebie is a poor quality or it isn’t useful for the user as he belief, there will be the boomerang effect for the interactions. Infact, an unsatisfied user, exactly as it happens in the product and service world, is a user that stops to follow you and that will talk bad about you.

Having bad reviews or even worst, have many followers that though don’t interact with you is maybe the most counterproductive thing. There must be quality and trasparence. For this reason, when we decide to promote a free content, we must work on the quality of the content: have interesting and attractive pictures and infromations about the topic, but especially new, and potentially unique. Only in this way you can correctly use the freebie to make the difference on your profile.


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