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Social Media Manager: the job of the moment

Now the socials became a real job. Especially Facebook and Instagram gives to the users their own marketplace where to freely sell their products and services by remaining sat on the sofa of their own houses. But how to stand out in the middle of the endless world of the web? How can we make the social showcases catching the attention of the customers? If you don’t have an answer to these questions maybe you need a social media manager.

What is a social media manager?

A social media manager is an expert of socials, that work in the field of the digital communication. He strategically studies the way that a profile or a user must follow to be followed and increase his own visibility.

social media manager
A social media manager is a digital creative expert in digital marketing, communication and social networks

So, thanks to his experience companies and brands are able to reach much more potential customers, by increasing their possibility to be recognised on the marketplace of their own sector.

What does he do?

He is a real professional figure – very often he is a freelance – that creates company pages and establish which channels we might activate and which ones no. Basically he uses the contents differently according to the platform used.

His meaning is the one to create and then to manage a community of fan, to moderate the contents and to know how to correctly read the insights to optimaze the strategy.

The social media manager is a communication expert

To be able to do all of this, the social media manager must firstly be a great communicator. He must know the basic schemes of the communication and of the digital marketing to affect the users in his favour – or better in his customers favour.

He is essentially a digital creative, but he is even a strategist that transform the fans and loyal customers into ambassadors of the brand or of the company for which he is working.

Why is it the job of the moment?

It’s easy, because everyone, even if they don’t sell anything, feel the need to be available on-line and to have a followed social profile.

social media manager influencer
Many guys under the 18 would like to do the influencer. The social media manager is the professional figure that they need to strategically set their profiles

Now it is essential to be part of a digital community or even to be the engine and the promoter of it. If you ask to a young person under the 18 what would he like to do in the life the most quoted answer is the “influencer”, even for this reason the job of the social media manager is getting important.

Many young that want to follow a carrier in the digital world ask to these professionists of the socials to create interesting profiles. These profiles will be their business card for cooperations and for jobs in the field of the promotion of products and services.

The social media manager doesn’t sell anything

Otherwise what we said until now it seems that the social media manager is a seller, but in reality he is a moderator, that supports the sellers in the management of the requires and that creates for them what their customers need.

During the years many social media manager tried to explain their job to who sees them for the first time: very often one thinks that it is only a small and easy job, because everyone is able to open a social profile and to freely manage it by himself.

In reality, they have to manage many things, as much as that many creatives of the sector decided to use their own social profile to explain how they work and to demonstrate how much it can complicated to make everything work and to find an aesthetic fil rouge.

Women and Men on a mission

Communicate your own project isn’t easy, for this reason we need an expert eye. The purpose of these digital creatives is the one to show to the audience the mission of their customers. Transparency, intelligence and especially feeling with the customers are the basement of this job.

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