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Pixel 4A is finally revealed

The new Pixel of Google

In a panorama which is now full like the one of the smartphones, the big difference is made by the price. Maybe it is the reason why the Pixels made by Google aren’t on the top of the marketplace even though the high quality. The model to be most loved the last year was infact the Pixel 3a, the cheapest of the family. And now, after months of rumors and delays about its release here you have the announcement of the arrival of the Pixel 4a.

Pixel 4a: small for format and price

The ever bigger smartphoes, sometimes such big to be hard to be handled with only one hand, but the trend, like predictable, maybe is getting a turn around. In a previous article we talked about how the Jelly 2 is the smallest smartphone of the world. Pixel 4a doesn’t want it too but it is anyway a small and handy smartphone.

If infact usually we find only smartphone from 16 cm up wards and often we easily arrive even at 17 centimeters (for 200 grams of weight), Pixel 4a is instead able to be more descreet with its 14 cm and half, fought only be the iPhone SE 2020 with 13,84 cm.

Pixel 4a google
The main camera of Pixel 4a and the selfies’ one

But don’t be afraid, even though the small size the screen is still perfectly usable with its 5,8 inches. Infact, thanks to the Oled Full Screen technology it is able to gain a further centimeter compared with the Pixel 3a, because it is without frame and with a hole aside for the front camera. Furthermore it is a Full HD+ (1080 x 2340, at 443 ppi) and it has a format of 19,5:9.

Unfortunatelly, maybe right because of the small size, the battery is only 3.140 mAh, that allows a daily autonomuy, the evening then it must be charged. But if you watch many movies and you play it can’t be enough not even for a day. Fortunatelly it is equipped with a quick charge of 18W.

Technical datas

Let’s focus now on the technical datas. The less space, about the Hardware it means a processor not very performing, at least compared with the other smartphones available today in the marketplace. Pixel 4a has a simple Snapdragon 730, which is though perfectly managed by the software realized by Google. The operating system at the moment is an Android 10 but shortly it will be upgraded.

Even the graphic of the themes and the icones is tailor made, infact it was all made even by creating drawnings that play with the presence of the notch of the frontal camera. On the web, this news, catched the attention of many.

Wallpapers Pixel 4a
The wallpapers play with the hole of the frontal camera that becomes the hole of a straw or the nose of a dog

A point for Pixel 4a is instead the memory space: it has 6 Giga Byte of Ram and 128 of the hard disk. In this reduced version we though miss the water proof and the wireless charge. There isn’t the face unlock but the fingerprint one remains.

About the camera, that in this case it’s really only one, we can say that it does the job of 2, 3 or even 4 rival cameras. The camera of Pixel 4a has 12 Megapixel with technology Dual Pixel and optical and electronic stabilizer. There are then checks for the double exposition and the HDR+ in realtime.

With the astrophotography mode it’s possible to realize vivid night shots, it is great even the portray function that has nothing to envy to more expensive assets. A great product so if we think especially that there are constant upgrades about safety and bugs thanks to the fact that it is a Google smartphone, therefore there are even 3 years of update for the operating system Android.

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