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What are the Chromebook


Today we talk about the Chromebook, a kind of computer less known, but that are climbing the global marketplaces. Let’s discover together what the Chromebooks are and why should we choose it instead of a traditional computer.

Which computers are there in the world and how much did they sell in the 2020

The ultimate computer is the one with the operating system Windows. It is the most sold ever. At the same way everyone knows that there is a direct competitor: Apple is always at the second position, between the most sold computers ever. While at the third place there were always the Chromebooks, the computers by Google.

The Chromebook take place in the second position in the sales of the 2020

It was always this way until the last year. The 2020, infact, saw an incredible comeback of the Chromebook, which passed the Mac and took place in the second position. For the first time since the beginning of the technological age Apple wasn’t at the second place. And for the first time there were the Chromebooks instead.

But why? Probably it was because of the pandemic, and the consequent distant learning, that supported the rise of the Chromebook. The schools of the United States, for example, are buying ever more Chromebooks. And they seem to be the best choice for the distant learning.

Therefore, we have to say that the factories from which the components of the computers Windows come, in China, were stopped for a while because of the health emergency.

All of it let them recorded  in the 2020 numbers never saw. The Personal Computers recorded a market quote of the 80,5%, by taking the first place. Even though it can be seem a great result, they recorded, in reality, a drop of the 5% compared with the 2019.

The Chromebooks so obtained a good slice of the marketplace with about the 11%, with an increase of the 6,4% compared with the 2019. Even Apple recorded an increase, but it was only of the 1%, by conquering a slice of the marketplace of the 7,5%.

But what are the Chromebook

Said that, it only remains a question: what are the Chromebooks? The Chromebook is the computer created by Google. As we can easily deduct by the name, this kind of computer is focused on the operating system Chrome Os, and it’s focused on Linux and on the browser Chrome.

Chromebook computer
The Computer based on Chrome Os, on Linux and on the browser Chrome, obviusly

The real characteristic of the Chromebook is their strong relationship with Internet. While most of the normal computers are anyway a very useful accessory, even without a connection, the Chromebooks without internet are useless.

Their hard disk is very small. Infact, they mainly work on the Cloud and it’s there that they save everything. Therefore, most of the applications that we find aren’t real applications neither, but only windows that bring us inside the Chrome.

In the last years, anyway, they increased the interaction with the Play Store and so now there are some “real” applications.

We can find, for example, the apps of Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, and download them as we do with a tablet. If they aren’t available we can use their online version.

When should we choose a Chromebook and when not

The reason for which the Chromebook had this big success it’s because its price is very reduced compared with the one of the other computers. In the year of the pandemic everyone had to find a solution. Maybe there is a family with a computer. But now mum and dad are in smart working and the children are in dad. So how do they do? Buy three or four computers it was too expensive, but with the Chromebooks the costs are surely less. And then for the dad they are perfect.

Dad Chromebook
The Chromebook is the perfect computer for the dad

The Chromebook can have lower prices because, let’s say the truth, there is little or nothing of hardware. Anyway the only real program that have to work is Chrome, and for it it’s enough 4 Gb of Ram.

We can so say that the Chromebooks are perfect for the students in dad, for who wants to use to watch movies and tv series in streaming, to surf online, to check the socials and the mail, or even to write.

Sure it isn’t the best computer, instead, for who has to work with it. The Chromebook, infact, can’t support programs of graphic or heavy softwares. But it isn’t useful for the gaming neither. Even if they are working about it, infact, it is compatible with the platform Stadia, made in Google too, obviusly.

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