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The new iPhone SE and the (product)red

The new iPhone SE 2020

The new iPhone SE was released at the middle of april, it’s available in three colours and it’s trying to conquer the medium range of the marketplace.

iPhone SE

Here you have that Apple tries to globally conquer the marketplace of the medium range smartphones. It launches infact the iPhone SE of second generation, the price is 499 euros.

The case of this new smartphone isn’t focusing anymore to the iPhone 5 but to the iPhone 8. Infact it’s basically identical if it wasn’t for three differences: the position of the logo Apple, on the back side the written iPhone disappears and the front side is black for all the colours.

After years during which the medium size of the smartphone (especially for the iPhone) was ever more increasing, the iPhone SE seems to do a step back. It has anyway a spacious screen, it remains one of the few smartphones on the marketplace which is able to be kept with a hand.

Its sizes are 63,3 mm of of width, 138,4 mm of lenght, for a depth of 7,3 mm, the display is so a 4,7 inches, one of the smallest on the marketplace. Even about the weight then one talks about a lighter instrument, infact it weights about 148 grams, even here a primacy of the family of the iPhones.

iphone se
The three colours available for the iPhone SE: black, white and (product)red

Between the other details to notice is the absence of the Face ID. Which is the technology that allows the face recognition and that is getting success on all the smartphones even of the lower range, here there isn’t. It seems ironic but the iPhone SE don’t have a technology that anyway many of us won’t use in this period that we are forced to wear the mask basically everywhere unless than at home.

Another particular that we won’t notice a while ago is instead the certification IP 67. Which allows the dry smartphone (at least inside) until a meter of depth for about half hour. Which is useful in this period when we often sanitize even the mobile phone.

It returns instead the button Home, that maybe was missed by the ones that bought the new (which are now old) models Apple. Always about the case let’s talk about the colours: we can buy it in black, white and in the amazing red which is called (product)red. Furthermore for every product sold in this colour Apple will donate the income to the countries which most need a help for the fight to the coronavirus.

But the real news are inside

The iPhone SE has a Wi-Fi 6, a Bluetooth 5.0 and the slot for the dual-sim. We find even the LTE to guarantee the maximum speed even when it’s about to use the mobile net. No 5G, but after all it doesn’t result essential yet.

But let’s talk about the processor: the A13 Bionic, the same one of the iPhone Pro Max, even if supported by a less capacity of RAM, only 3 GB instead of 4 of the higher model.

iphone se
The new colour of the iPhone SE, the (product)red, helps the countries more affected by the coronavirus

About the camera it has a 12 MP with six elements. This affects a little bit the shot performances with few light. But about the video performances it hasn’t nothing to envy to the most expensive models. Therefore it’s possible to realize 4K videos with up to 60 frames per second.

Unfortunatelly the battery isn’t very performing, infact with a long usage of the smartphone it’s able to barely arrive at the end of the day, otherwise though the wireless charge is complete in a hour with a charger more performing than its one.

The iPhone SE is a good product about the quality price ratio, even if obviusly we must give up to something even because we are talking about a product Apple.


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