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Google Search: how to use it at its best

As the time goes by the technology lovers are ever more looking for new instruments to do researches and to get informed on the internet websites that they follow online. Google makes available Google Search. Let’s see how does it work.

What is Google Search?

It is a web service of Google that allows the webmaster to check the index state and to optimaze the visibility of the websites that they follow.

A free console offered by Google itself to check the presence of the website on the search engines, to understand if it has some problems and how to solve them.

The purpose is the one to optimaze the presence of the website on Google and let the users find that website when they need it. We can so say that it is an essential SEO instrument that allows to understand in which way Google indexed the website.

Google Search shows us the researches that has more traffic and finds the topics and the interesting keywords for a specific website. Not only. It can evaluate the health state of the pages and of the structure of the internal links of the site. It even finds some problems about safety and it says how to solve them.

What does Google Search do and who does need it?

We saw that with Google Search you will be able to check if Google finds your website between all, by doing even the scan of it. Therefore you will be able to view the websites that have some links that bring back to yours, by solving problems of index on Google itself.

Together with other instruments of the famous search engine, with this console you will be able to check important datas about the traffic that makes your website, as the view frequence.

So, Google Search is mainly an instrument for the web professionals, even if it can be used by anyone.

Especially to use it are the developers of websites, to solve some problems of markup and about the code of the website, or to analyze the interesting datas.

Google Search is a very useful instrument especially for who deals with SEO and marketing for the websites.

Not only. Even many professionals of the marketing and experts of the SEO considere it essential to find precious datas not only about the performances of the website, but even for the marketing strategies.

In this case it’s very important to integrate this SEO tool with other precious instruments of Google, like Google Analytics, Google Trends and Google Ads.

How to configure it

To use this console Google you have to subscribe with a Google account to then enter with the activation steps to verify the property.

You can verify your website by uploading a file HTML in the main box of the web server. Afterwards you will have to add a record TXT and wait for the spread of the domain.

Third step: add a meta tag HTML to the home page of the website, in the section header and authenticate with Google Analytics the website on the platform.

So, already the configuration isn’t very easy. We have to know the instruments and the functions of Google Search, which change according to the version of the SEO tool that we are using.

Functions of the SEO tool

Between the most important functions there is the tab query. It is an internal instrument of the console to set up the website by defining the domain and the scan speed.

google search console
Google Search shows the statistics of the website and helps to understand if there are problems to solve

With this function you will be able to connect the properties of Google Search and Google Analytics to increase the precision of the informations from both the sources.

On Google Analytics, it’s enough to go on “Administration”, “Property”, “Property Setting”. On the bottom you will find the voice to connect the platform to the account of Search Console.

From the administrators panel we will be able to add or to remove users and owners and to limit or to improve the possibility to access to the administrative informations.

Dashboard function

From the dashboard we can access to scan errors or to the analysis of the researches. Basically you will be able to check the graphic of the performances of the website to analyze intuitivally and carefully the performances of the site.

This window collects many other precious informations about the researches like the number of clicks for every keyword, or the relationship between the clicks and the view obtained.

Through the dashboard function you will understand which is the medium position and the total number of the views not only of the website, but even of the single pages of it.

You will have an overview and you will understand what you need to improve, by integrating and verifying every detail.

How to improve thanks to Google Search

This free SEO tool will allow you to see some errors of view of the website both from pc and from the mobile devices. It will inform you about the correct state of the routes that indicate the placing od a resource in the website organization, by telling you the possible solutions.

Basically it is like a doctor that will do a complete check up of your website and of your contents. It will talk to you clearly and it will tell you what’s wrong.

It will even check you and it will tell you which are the links that stop and if there are some problems of safety that avoid the users to enter to your website.

So, even if it isn’t very easy to use, Google Search is an useful instrument to improve the performances of your website.



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