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Black Shark 3, the smartphone for the gaming

Black Shark 3

Many videogamers moved on mobile. If our smartphones are ever powerful and they are always, everywhere, with us, what’s the matter of the fixed consoles? For many this will be profane, but for many it is just practical. Sure even if they are powerful and performing our smartphone will never be able to compete with a real console, or maybe yes? Black Shark 3 is the last smartphone for gaming, let’s find out it together.

The smartphones for gaming

The Black Shark 3 isn’t the first one of its kind, but the third one, rightly. The first Black Shark was released by Xiaomi in the 2018, but it was thought only for the China. The smartphone for gaming had, instead, success even outside the national borders and it was exported all over the world thanks to the e-commerce websites.

The Black Shark have to compete with other smartphones thought for the same purpose, like the Rog Phone of the ASUS.

The second generation of Black Shark had even more success than the first one and so even the third one didn’t wait so much to arrive, and after a first official release in China it arrived even in Europe.

What can we do with the Black Shark 3?

What can we do with a smartphone for gaming? Playing obviusly. But the Black Shark, specifically, allows us to access to many interesting functions.

Black Shark 3
Black Shark, the new smartphone for gaming

Black Shark 3 was presented at the beginning of march and it prompt shown exclusive things, that linked it with the other Xiaomis, but that placed it even in a smartphones’ category all for itself.

The design already let us understand what makes it different from the other smartphones, by making it a mobile phone for gaming. The back case draws interesting geometric patterns, like a real console or a pc for gaming. The screen doesn’t have any notch or holes, it is optimazed for a great game experience.

Unlike a not gaming smartphone the Black Shark has two adding buttons, dedicated, right, for the game experience.

Technical specifics

What makes the Black Shark a real smartphone for gaming are, obviusly, some technical specifics up to the task.

Black Shark 3, the new smartphone for gaming
A smartphone studied specifically for the videogames

The Black Shark has a display OLED of 6,67 inches, with resolution Full HD+ of 2400 x 1080 pixels, refresh rate at 90 Hz, sampling rate at 270 Hz and latency of the touch at 24 milliseconds. All of it for a perfect game experience.

As processor it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, with a CPU octa core at 2,84 GHz, a GPU Adreno 650.

According to the model, then, we have 8 or 12 GB of RAM and 120 or 256 GB of internal memory.

Black Shark 3 supports, therefore, the 5G, the Wifi 6, the Bluetooth 5.0. It has an USB door, a jack audio door and two speakers stero 1217 Hi-Res.

The smartphone has a battery of 4720 mAh, which is compatible with the quick charge at 65 watt.

Let’s talk, finally, about the photographic compart. The Black Shark has a triple back camera, with a main sensor of 64 megapixel, wide angle lens of 13 megapixel and the sensor for the deepth calculation of 5 megapixel. The frontal camera, instead, has 20 megapixel.

Black Shark 3 Pro

The Black Shark has even a Pro version. The screen of the version Pro is an AMOLED of 7,1 inches, while the battery, in this case, has 5000 mAh.

Black Shark 3
The last Black Shark, with the version Pro and interesting news

About the gaming question, instead, the version Pro has a substantial difference compared with the younger brother. It is two mechanic triggers that pop up from the smartphone during the game sessions and that come back inside in the moment we stop to play.

Prices, Colors and Accessories for gaming available

Black Shark 3 is on the european marketplace since the 8th of march 2020 in the colors grey and black. The version with 8 GB of RAM is available for the price of 599 euros, while for the 12 GB the price is 729 euros.

There are also available a serie of accessories for gaming realized specifically for the Black Shark 3. They are the Black Shark Fun Cooler, at the price of 32,90 euros; the Black Shark Gamepad 3, at the price of 59,90 euros; the Black Shark 3,5 mm Earphones, at the price of 24,90 euros; the Black Shark 3 FunFrame, at the price of 19,90 euros and the Black Shark 3 FunCase, at the price of 21,90 euros.

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