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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro and the Mi Note 10 Lite

The new Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and Lite

Xiaomi presents the new Mi Note 10 Pro, a high range product with a great photo compartment, together with it it’s arriving even the new Mi Note 10 Lite, of lower range. This is still available only in pre-order and it will be send only after the 28th of may.

The new Mi Note 10 Pro

The external case has a particular satin finish, that doesn’t catch the dirty and especially the fingerprints. Thanks to this finish therefore it results less slippy compared with most of the smartphones, a particular sure, but that can be very useful.

The size of this smartphone are anyway massive, as well as the weight, so the usage with a hand it’s difficult.

xiaomi mi note 10 Pro
Matt finish and four cameras for the new Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

About the hardware the Mi Note 10 Pro has a powerful Snapdragon 865 Octa Core of 2,84 GHz with GPU Adreno 650 and 8 GB of RAM LPDDR5. The RAM is 256 GB with technology UFS 3.0, unfortunatelly though it isn’t expandible, so with the time it might result a little bit limited.

About the connectivity there is already the 5G besides to the LTE, the Wi-Fi 6, we have even a Bluetooth 5.1 and chip NFC. The jack audio (and with it even the radio FM) and the video door USB-C 3.1 disappear.

The speakers are instead improved, they are placed on the sides of the phones to create a real stereo effect. The sound is full and complete, especially compared with many of the smartphones in the marketplace.

The screen is a Super AMOLED of 6,6 inches FullHD+ with curve edges with great performances, which has even a small dot, the frontal camera.

The operating system is a MIUI 11.0.7 with installed an Android 10. About the battery it’s a 4.500 mAh with a good autonomy, the charge is super quick at 50W, while the wireless at 30W and for the first time there is even the inverse charge at 5W.

The photographic compartment

As well as many smartphones even Xiaomi is focusing a lot on the high level cameras. There are four cameras, the main one is 108 megapixel f/1.7 stabilized of 27 megapixel. The second camera is a wide angle of 20 megapixel, while the other two sensors are the zoom lens.

Mi Note 10
The photographic compartment of the new Mi Note 10

Specifically we have a lens 5X of 8 megapixel and a 2X (which is useful for the portrays) of 12 megapixel, both of them are f/2.0. The videos are in 4K at 60fps, but if you want to enjoy a real stabilized effect so it’s better to make shots in FullHD at 30 fps.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

But let’s talk even about the younger brother of the Mi Note 10 Pro, which is already available online, it’s the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite. The new cheapest smartphone of the chinese company which is now famous for high quality products with a low price.

The presentation took place few weeks ago, currently it’s available only in pre-order, the smartphones will be send only from the 28th of may. In this case the price is halved compared with the bigger brother (about 350 euros compared with the 1000 of the Mi Lite Pro) but it remains a very competitive smartphone.

mi note 10 lite
The back of the new Mi Note 10 Lite already available in pre-order

The display is an AMOLED 3D Curved of 6,47 inches Full HD+. The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, with a RAM of 6 (or 8) GB and with an internal memory with a minimum of 64 Gb. The battery has a quick charge at 30W, and it’s 5.260 mAh.

Even in this case it has four back cameras: the main one has 64 MP, the second one 8 MP and the other two of 5 and 2 MP. Instead the camera for the selfies, the frontal one, is 16 MP. The Mi Note 10 Lite installed even the operating system Android 10, with a MIUI 11.

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