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Android 11 beta for the smartphones Pixel

The beta version of Android 11

It had to be released the first days of june, but the death of George Floyd stopped the celebrations. Google, infact, claimed that there was nothing to celebrate in that moment, by moving so the release date of the such waited operating system. After a week from the event though Google shows the new mobile operating system Android 11. The version available is still in beta for the moment in order to test some flaws and bugs.

The future smartphones top of the line will born already with Android 11 in them, while today it’s already available for the smartphones Google like Pixel 4. If you have a smartphone Pixel 2 or higher, to download the beta version, it’s enough infact going on the official website Android or in the dedicated section of Google.com/beta.

The news of the new operating system Android 11

It seems that Google wants to focus on the people in this new version. Infact for this new operating system it’s been created a specific file to notify mail and messages. A space exclusively dedicated to the Conversations, where the messages WhatsApp, Gmail, the sms and all the messages notifications of every kind of applications will finish.

android 11
It will be available a new area exclusively dedicated to the conversation of the apps of instant messaging

According to Google infact the view is simplified and it’s easier to answer and to manage all the notifications in only one place. Furthermore so it will be harder to lose important messages, it will be infact possible to select some important conversations that will let the phone ring even if it’s on silence.

A further new of Android 11 will be the one of the bubbles. Let’s better explain: Do you know when with WhatsApp you straight answer to the notification? The space is limited and even the possibility to read a long message is hard. With the Bubbles instead we will be able to easily answer to every kind of message in the Conversation file without leave the app that we are using. Something similar to the app of Facebook Messenger realized right for Android.

Further features of the new operating system

It’s a while that Apple and Google are studying an easy and practical interaction to manage the Smart Home from the smartphone. With Android 11 it seems that they were able to open the right way. It’s enough to push the switching on button for a long time to access to all the installed functions. Increase or decrease the house temperature, switch on the light, change the radio or the volume of the speakers will be done with a simple gesture.

android 11
An example of how a Bubbles in Android 11 will appear

But that’s not all, always in the same screen we will have direct access to useful apps while we are travelling or when are doing some shopping: GooglePay, documents and much more will be always within reach.

Don’t worry with Android 11 even your privacy will do a jump forward. Infact to every upgrade Google will add some further control compared with the permissions and with the most sensitive permits. In this new version we will give the permit to camera and microphone every time without unlock the application, by coming back to the situation of lock of the permits once the app is closed.

Or if we don’t use a program for a while the system will autonomously lock all the authorizations for the app, by informing the user. Afterward it will be possible to newly enable the application always or sometimes.

Another interesting new will be the possibility to autonomously set not only the night light but even the dark mode. This is infact already available on Android 10 but it isn’t settable.

Finally the Scoped Storage, realized for Android 10 but then set aside, should make the RAM faster and more performing, by improving even the safety.

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