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Apple Silicon the new processor is arriving

The new processor Apple Silicon

Big changes for Apple: all the platforms infact will be renewed with Apple Silicon. From the iPhone to the Apple Watch, all the products will have for the first time one processor made in Cupertino, by getting free from the partnership 15 years long with Intel.

The new products will be available already from the next autumn, it’s what we understand by the announce during the WWDC 2020. The event took place in a totally different way than usually because of the pandemic, unlike the other times infact there wasn’t a physic event but it was released a video. It was filmed inside the Apple Park (not only inside the Steve Jobs Theater, but even inside the gyms and the research laboratories).

Apple Silicon

Cook announces it at the end of the video «It is an historical day for the Mac, we are bringing it to a new level.» and it will be of a new level even the operating system. Infact at the same time even on the Mac Os Big Sur will arrive the new software realized to give life to incredibly optimazed performaces.

Cook said though how the whole previous line will be still supported by the technic assistance, by reassuring so the owners of the old Apple products.

The new chip will guarantee a higher safety, but even a best management of the resources and so, consequentially, a longer last of the battery.

keynote by Aplle Silicon
The announce of Apple Silicon during the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference 2020

Johnny Srouji, head of the Hardware section of Apple, in the video explained how the transiction of the apps will be leaded by them, by giving even the kits to test the programs. This to make possible that all the products will be compatible with the new operating system. The same Big Sur that will be available both for Intel and for Apple Silicon.

To give though the possibility to all the applications to be correctly upgraded Apple realized even Rosetta 2 a specific emulator to let the program planned for Intel work. About it Microsoft and Adobe are working to allow to Office and Photoshop to work on the new operating system of Apple.

This new processor is made to guarantee high performaces for operations like the video editing and the Machine Learning. But it will be perfect even for the crypto or the management of output in HDR which usually require much calculation power.

Let’s find out the specifications

Inside the new SoC we will find a new unified memory, a high efficiency DRAM, a powerful GPU and an audio processor fully renewed. Everything organized for blocks to allow a high speed.

With this kind of division Apple can increase specific task according to the needs of every of its products, to modify the processor according to its own need. While before, with the processor Intel, this thing was impossible.

The new processors always use the architecture ARM_64 but they are fully realized by Apple, for this reason during the keynote it wasn’t mentioned never the ARM.

The block system of Apple Silicon
An example of how the blocks system of Apple Silicon is organized

The processor so will be at 5 nanometers with the same Core that Apple will use on the A14. During the keynote one could see how the new processor is able to do some particular calculations in a tenth of second compared with the traditional processor.

Furthermore with the new processors it will be possible to always keep all the applications upgraded, even if the computer is in stand-by (which means at very reduced consumptions). An ever ready computer which is able to use the “death” times to improve itself without weigh on the battery.

But to discover the real performances we should wait some further months, Tim Cook ensures that for the end of the year the first Mac with the Apple Silicon processor will be released, we just have to wait.

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