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Even Amazon decides for the stop of the not necessary goods

Amazon stops the not essential goods

In the days of the Coronavirus we are all stuck at home in quarantine, we can go out for the groceries, but only the supermarkets and few shops for the necessary goods are open. Like the products for the personal care and the cleaning of the environment (which is now more than ever essential).

Sure, in the twenty-one century we can find basically everything online, and it’s for this reason that even the less accustomed start to buy everything online, thanks to the big e-commerce website. It will be even this one the reason because we start to see the streets, which might be desolated, teeming of couriers.

But here you have arriving actions even more restrictive, all the companies can work only in smart working, and the factories that don’t produce essential goods are forced to close. So even the shopping online, first of all the e-commerce colossus Amazon, adapts itself to the new way to live and stops the not essential goods.

The decision to limit the deliveries

If we have to stay at home we have to find something to do. It’s for this reason that we dust off old hobbies. There is who wants to be a farmer and decides to, finally, realize a great vertical garden in the terrace. There is who kill the time dust off an old puzzle with thousand of pieces.

There is who read, who write, who draw. For all of it and much more the shopping online is a salvation, which is essential in quarantine.

Amazon and the Coronavirus
Amazon decided to limit the deliveries for the only essential goods

But unfortunatelly, even this small joy soon disappeared. The factories produce only essential goods nowadays and the lifes of the couriers are often risked for a ball of wool. The colossus Amazon decided to limit the deliveries for the only essential goods. But don’t worry if you are waiting for your hobby to arrive for the quarantine. They are still ongoing all the orders made before the 21st of March.

The decision arrived, infact, right in that date, when the company explained in a note: “We will focus on the products that have the higher priority and, starting from today, we will temporarelly stop to accept orders for some of the not essential goods both on Amazon.it and on Amazon.fr”. The measure will envolve, so, the italian and the france territory, for the moment.

What can we order at the moment on Amazon?

The note goes on by claiming that Amazon is focusing on the products that the customers need most and that the measures, never adopted before, will go on until it will be necessary. Which are, so, the products that we can still order on Amazon? What is considered essential by the e-commerce colossus?

We can easily find the answer, by going through the many products. We will see, infact, that many of them will be “currently not available” and that others, even though the prime, have unbelieavable time of delivery, which arrive until the middle of May.

Surely the foodstuff and the products for the house, will remain so active the services Amazon Now, for the delivery at home of the grocery, and Amazon Pantry, for the not perishable products. There are then the products for the personal care and for the house cleaning. Even the baby products are still available, as well as the books for children and teenagers, that never like now have to be busy in the most positive way as possible.

Amazon Now and Amazon Pantry
The services Amazon Now and Amazon Pantry remains active

Finally, in a world that, besides the pandemic, have to face with the uncoming economical crisis, which arrives right because of the Coronavirus, they give huge importance to the products for the smart working. Let’s open your app Amazon, so, pens, pencils, books, staplers, printers, will be still available to allow you to continue being as much productive as possible.

The problem of Amazon Now

Furthermore, finally, the service Amazon Now. Which, like we said, is the branch for the delivery of the grocery at home, that in this period is literally stormed. But it’s not only Amazon to be such busy. All the services for the delivery of the grocery at home have a massive boom of orders and subscriptions and with a quantity of work unmatched.

Amazon and the deliveries
No physical contact between the courier and the customers anymore

But they are all working to face this new emergency, in order to not leaving anyone without the essential goods. Finally, we don’t have to forget that while we are close inside our homes there are couriers that are still working for us.

For this reason Amazon adopted precautional measures unmatched to guarantee the safety of their employees. If you are waiting for an order at home, so, not only for Amazon Now, but for all the services of the company, you must know that they won’t ring anymore. But they will just leave your box in the point and at the time established at the moment of the order.

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