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It’s arriving the phase 2 of the emergency supported by the technology

Phase 2 and technology

In a couple of days the X time will arrive and the phase 2 of the emergency for the control of the pandemic of Coronavirus will start between fears, controversy, encomiums and encouragements. Living a global health emergency in the twenty-one century was something that no one could imagine. But living it in an age where the technology reached this level in our daily routine brings without any doubt many advantages.

It’s for this reason that it was strongly used in the phase 1, during which the hospitals were risking to collapse and, next to the exhausted healthcare staff, were cooperating robotic colleagues. During which the information 2.0 had an essential role and sometimes, too often, it was used to spread fake news.

Now it’s the moment to look up and go on fighting, but in a different way. The keyword of the phase 2 is coexistence. Coexistence with the virus, coexistence with the other people, even if at a distance of one meter and half and with the proper precautions. But to do all of it we need some help and it’s for this reason that we will never face the phase 2 of the emergency without the technology.


We already largely talked about the applications that followed this healthcare emergency in the whole world. We usually look to the stores inside our mobile phones looking for the game of the moment, for a satnav, for a platform that review restourants and holiday places. But closed at home the priorities change. And so in the stores we started to look for applications that helped us in the kitchen, that show us a focused work out to do at home, that allow us to call the doctor without go in the medical office.

Technology phase 2
Applications to fight the Coronavirus

The application that will follow the italian phase 2 is Immuni, for the italian contact tracing. At the same way, or almost, it was for the China.

Go back to work in the phase 2

The phase 2 will see many people go back to work. But right the work places might be new uncontrollable outbreaks and, maybe, gloves and maskes won’t be enough to prevent the infection.

Offices, companies and public administration will have to find proper instrumentations to guarantee a safe place of work for all the employees. And probably not even the temperature measuration will be enough.

It’s for this reason that many think to use the environmental sensors and use them to contain the spreading of the Coronavirus, but how?

The sensors can measure the body temperature

There are sensors which are able to take the body temperature with a precision of plus or less 3 degrees at a distance of 3 meters. By calling the staff right after the found something suspicious.

The sensors for the social spacing in the phase 2

There are, then, some sensors which can be used by the shop owners to be sure that their customers respect the social spacing. By defining the minimun distance that the sensor have to control, this can be sure that it’s respected in the lines or inside the busy places and, like always, call the staff.

These sensors can be used in the work places too, to control, for example, the meeting rooms, the coffee shops, the common places and the areas for the launch break.

The drones

Finally, we already saw in the phase 1 the usage of the drones, which check the cities and control that there aren’t people aggregations and that they respect the social spacing. In the phase 2, with a higher amount of people that goes outside, the drones can be a very useful way to contain the virus.

Obviusly the most important thing to contain the virus spreading isn’t the technology, but the common sense of the people. It’s sure that the human beings can breath a sigh of relief if there are the technological instrument to look after them.

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