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The robots help us to fight the Covid-19

Robot and Covid-19

Only the word robot lets us think about a science-fiction movie, to something far away from us, but that’s not true. Nowadays the robots are part of our daily routine, even if sometimes we don’t see it. The artificial intelligences fill up our houses and our devices. The physical robots, maybe they aren’t like we imagine them, but surely it won’t be hard to find an exemplar of it. A hoover robot, for example. But if are the humanoids, the ones that we are looking for, not even them are so impossible to find. There are robots that already cover human positions, like the waiter robot.

But in this period of emergency the robots can help us much more. They can enter inside the hospitals and fight the virus for us. They can go around the streets, without self-certification, and sanitize them. The robots help us to fight the Covid-19, here you have how.

To the Wuhan hospital

Let’s start from the China and, especially, from Wuhan, homeland not only of the Coronavirus, but even, and especially, of many between the most amazing technological innovations.

Robot and Covid-19
The robots to the Wuhan hospital

In the pandemic epicenter a whole unit, with about 200 patients with Covid-19 was managed for the biggest part by robots for a long time, to keep the medical staff safe. They not only clean the unit, but they can even give food and medicines.

In Hong Kong the robots clean the underground

The underground all over the world don’t stop with the Covid-19, but they need an extraordinary maintenance. For this reason in Hong Kong arrive the robots to help.

Robot and Covid-19
Inside the underground of Hong Kong

20 robots go around for the stations of the underground, by spraying a very thin spray of hydrogen peroxide which is able to reach every little hole of the surfaces of the station and not only. They, infact, go even onboard the trains, to go on with their work.

They aren’t humanoid, they look like a small freezer, but their “humanity” helps us to fight the virus.

The robot in Bejing

In bejing, instead, to fight the Coronavirus arrives a mini robot that goes around the streets of the city. It measures the body temperature of the people and send the datas to the police in realtime.

Robot and Covid-19
Around the streets of Bejing

Remote degree

We saw in this difficult period that the school didn’t stop. Video lessons and homework are a daily occurence. And now one thinks even how to face the exams and the degrees. But what about the university degree? Someone already took it from remote and in Japan to debate the thesis were the robots for the students.

Robot and Covid-19
Degree in the university of Tokyo

They wore the classic toga of the new graduated and on the face they had a tablet that portraied the students, which were driving them from remote. It’s like that that the cerimony of degree occured in the Business Breakthrough of Tokyo.

In Italy

Italy is no less. At the forefront to fight the Coronavirus, it is first even in the realization of robots. Sanbot Elf is the robot that entered in service in the hospital of Varese, to help twelve patients with Covid-19.

Robot and Covid-19
Sanbot Elf inside the hospital to fight the Covid-19

Sanbot Elf is not alone. There are six robots that work next to their human colleagues to face the emergency. Everyone of them assists two beds and it allows to the patients to be constantly in touch with the medical staff, by avoiding, though, that they entered in contact too much with the virus.

A camera shows the medical staff to the patients in isolation and a screen shows them back the patients to the doctors that are looking after them. Microphones and speakers, therefore, allow even the vocal communication.

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