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MacPro 2019 and other Apple highlights from WWDC

Mac Pro 2019, the computer for creatives

The brand new Mac Pro 2019 is Apple‘s newest creation and one of the most sought-after highlights that premiered in the 2019 WWDC.

A few hours after unveiling, Apple’s groundbreaking computer for creatives had already become a hit on the Web and the subject of much curiosity, enthusiasm – as well as some critics.

Developed for an audience of multimedia professionals, this computer has high quality specs that may be further upgraded. At a full 5000 eur, it’s well worth its price.

All in all, the Mac Pro 2019 is akin to a Ferrari in the F1 circuit  of professional computers developed for graphics. And promises to be quite the formidable rival for this year’s Acer ConceptD.

A caseful of resources for creatives

The new Mac Pro 2019 is extremely versatile and powerful already in its basic configuration.

The video drive can be anything ranging from a Radeon Pro 580X to 28 teraflop, 64 GB-pro Vega II Duo.

And it can be further expanded with the additional two Mpx Modules, up to the impressive heights of 56 teraflops and 128 GB.

The Intel Core processor too can be expanded and upgraded up to and including a Xeon W 28 core. Also the internal memory houses 12 slots that bring the RAM up to 1,5 TB.

Mac Pro 2019
Powerful, versatile, flexible – Mac Pro 2019 has it all

As far as storage goes, its two 2-TB Solid State Disks bring the overall space to a full 4 TB. But there’s more – the Mac Pro has eight PcI Express slots, two of whose are double.

If you’re working professionally with graphics, audio and video editing, this is the best arsenal you may find out there.

The graphic aceceleration may reach 8K Pro Res Raw and 4K for ProResRAW videos thanks to the Apple Afterburner, allowing users to edit even the largest and heaviest videos without hassle.

Mac Pro 2019’s hardware specs

We’ve seen how  the Mac Pro 2019 has a ultra-powerful, top of its class core under the chassis.

But Apple’s new hit is right up there as far as hardward goes, too.

In its default configuration the computer comes with four Thunderbolt 4, two USB-A and two 10 GB Ethernet ports.

This is, of course, a beast of a computer that requires lots of power to run smoothly. Hence the need for a poweful 1,4 KW power supply.

Mac Pro 2019
The perfect workstation for creatives

In order to cool off the internal components and the MpX modules, the front side of the chassis houses three large fans. The ensuing air exchange de facto averts the risks of dangerous overheating and overloads.

Finally, a word about the design specs. By and large, the Mac Pro 2019‘s unique appearance has been the subject of much discussions. It’s definitely not a computer that goes unnoticed.

The chassis has the typical “cheese grater” shape of the older models – and the aesthetics play with the pun in a not even too subtle way. After the first images of Apple’s new supercomputer came out, comments arose all over the Web poking fun at “Apple’s 5000-eur cheese grater”.

The removable lids allow an extremely easy access to the internal components. The case is made in stainless steel and utterly easy to carry with two handlers on each side. Also, there are optionable wheels if we should decide to move our computer around.

Apple’s other highlights at WWDC 2019

Don’t be mistaken – grandiose as it is, the Mac Pro 2019 was not the only star in the WWDC 2019 sky. Apple announced a great many new products that we’ll find in stores in the upcoming months.

WWDC 2019
From the new Mac Pro to the iPhone X!, the WWDC held many surprises

For example the Pro Display Xdr monitor, which is developed as an ideal addition to go with the Mac Pro. It’s a 32 inches, 6k (6016×3384) screen with 20 million pixels. With its spectacular color range and highest definition, it’s the ideal tool for graphic and video professionals.

There was much hype for the new iPhone X1. The new Apple smartphone has lived up to many of the rumors and anticipations that were leaked in the past few days. We have devoted an extensive article to the new iPhone – you find it right here.

The news are going to involve iPads too. The iconic tablets are going to become more independent and similar to actual laptops, with better support to multitasking. Also from the next version, a brand new iPadOS system will be available for users who want to use their iPad in place of actual computers. And speaking of OS – one of the most rumored news was the fall of iTunes; the music player will be discarded and removed from the newest operative systems.

Last but not least, there were news regarding AppleWatch too. Thanks to a new series of native apps, the smartwatch pioneer should become less and less reliant on iPhone.

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