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Cyber Murder: the first case in history

November 2020, Germany. A hacker enters in the system of the University of a german hospital. A woman passes away. Is it the first case of cyber murder of the history? Let’s discover it.

A case for Minority Report

In the 2002 arrives to cinemas a movie of the visionary Spielberg which was freely inspired to a science-fiction storytell. The protagonist of Minority Report, Tom Cruise, is suspected for a murder that he didnt’ committed, but that a computer says he will commit soon.

cyber murder minority report
Minority Report is a movie of the 2002 where the murders are predicted and condemned before to be done, the ethical doubt is the base of the story, but today it was born even the cyber murder, that we though being only an impossible criminal idea.

Basically, thanks to a system called Precrime the Country of prevented the murders before that they were committed, by catching who was going to commit the murder before to really make it.

Here the world of the cyber was fictionalized with the research of the answer to the question: can the human’s freewill pass the informatic mind? Apart from the phylosophic topic, in the 2020 it was recorded the first case of cyber murder of the history, which it was committed by a hacker that didn’t want to kill no one, but he only wanted to hit the hospital system.

The Cyber murder becomes reality in Dusseldorf

The tragedy is consumed in a german university hospital in Dusseldorf. A hacker, which is now wanted not only for the crimes about the gaining of datas but even for murder, entered in the hospital network to launch a ransomware attack.

For who doesn’t know what it is, we are talking about a kind of malware that limits the access of the infected device, by asking for a ransom to be paid to remove the limits to the informatic system.

cyber murder dna
The ramsonware are malware that crash the systems. In their DNA is hidden the key to unlock them. This time they caused the first case of cyber murder.

This system stopped the machine that helped the woman to live. The lack of the machine support brought the woman to death.

The purpose of the hacker wasn’t the one to kill. Infact, during the negotiation with the investigators, they explained him the situation and the unknown cyber criminal promptly gave back them the key to unlock the sytem. Unfortunatelly it was already too late for the woman.

The informatic pirate was accused of cyber murder and he disappeared in the wrinkles of the web.

In the target of the hackers

The hackers use the ransomware as an informatic threat to obtain easy money. These informatic pirates use the flaws in the web and in the less upgrade servers to encrypte massive datas on the targets of the attack. So they make these attacked systems completely useless.

cyber murder hacker
The hackers now besides to be pirates of the web become even cyber killers. How to protect ourselves?

They mostly want bitcoin or cryptovalues to then disappear with the digital money.

They are meanly thieves, but no one became a murder until now. And here we have the ethical doubt: the man (or the woman) protagonist of our story didn’t want to kill no one, he only used a click on his keyboard to obtain easy money. At the end it was born the cyber murder.

If this will become a common terrorist attack, no one of us will be safe anymore.

How can we protect ourselves?

The answer is still unknown, because more the informatic system grows, more the criminal minds of the hackers grow, they use the same system to become ever richer. Especially these people have the ability to hide themselves in the web and don’t be found, as much as that often we wonder if behind these crimes there is a real person or a bug that took over the human action.

Surely it will be mandatory for who manage public and private structure to have advanced systems that don’t allow the hackers to enter.

Maybe the solution might be the one to bring to the good side these criminals and to convince them to work to improve the informatic systems instead to infect them with their virus.

There is something which is sure, the culture of the web is growing and it’s expanding until to arrive to the possibility to kill someone only with a click.


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