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Milan Digital Week: this year it took place online

Milan Digital Week

The Milan Digital Week of this year, 2020, was fixed for the last march, right in the period when the lockdown started. Obviusly, the healthcare crises stopped its execution. But we are talking about the Digital Week and where else it could took place if not online. The digital week in Milan is, so, really happened in the digital, but to do it it must be postponed for a couple of months. From the 25th to the 30th of may the Milan Digital Week 2020 took place, online, obviusly.

The title of the edition 2020

Everything was ready for the edition 2020 of the Milan Digital Week, which had to take place in march and it had to be called “Augmented city”.

The Covid – 19 changed many things. Right on march everthing was stopped. The city of Milan and all the other italian cities hibernated themselves, they got empty as unreal. Even the Milan Digital Week had to stop itself.

Transformed City
The edition 2020 of the Milan Digital Week changes title from “Augmented City” to “Transformed City”

Now that everything changed the topic of the digital week that they chosen doesn’t suit perfectly, “augmented city”. The organizers thought that “transformed city” was better, in this new world in pandemic.

Because the city must reinvent itself, to restart. So this special edition of the Milan Digital Week took place since the 25th to the 30th of may, completely online. With more than 500 events, webinar, concerts and lessons. The topics changed from the ones that were chosen and in this occasion they choose to talk about how the technology was essential to face the pandemic and the quarantine.

The edition had, online, many directs, with the closen doors, from the most iconic places of the city, to demonstrate the Milan is still there and that the city wants to restart, “to reinvent” itself.

The opening day of the Milan Digital Week

The last 25th of may was the opening day of the Milan Digital Week, one of the first “milan weeks” to restart after the lockdown, even if it was online.

Milano Digital Week
Milan Digital Week – Online Edition

The digital week in Milan starts at the 14:30 of the 25th of may, with the mayor Giuseppe Sala and the councilor for the digital transformation and the civic services Roberta Cocco. Once inaugurated the Digital Week they left the place to Alessandro Rosina, with a direct called “For a demographic restart”, during which he talks about the possibile future scenarios after the current situation.

600 events have taken place in the following five days, for a total of 200 guests, between live talk, directs, conferences, hackathon, until the closure of the Digital Week, with a direct concert from the Museum of the Science and Technique.

The hackathons and the other events

It’s been eight the hackathon that took place during the week. Transformed city was the title of the edition of the Milan Digital Week. And transformed city means even job. Right the job was one of the hot topic of this year.

The work must face the emergencies and follow the times that change. The job changes. They talk, so, about the new jobs that there will be and about the old ones that will probably disappear. They talk about new economies and formation, about sustainability and environment.

During the eight hackathon programmed many groups of developers and graphics challenged themselves. The teams, led by the company mentors, challenged themselves in the hackathons. Each one had a purpose of sustainable development, purposes included inside the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.

The biggest part of the event took the shape of live talk. The guests focused their attention on the technology and especially on the digital. From the education to the information, from the economy to the design, everyone thinking about how to restart in a post-pandemic world.

On the website of the Milan Digital Week it’s still possible to see all the videos, the hackathons, the live talks, the debats and all the events of this special online edition.

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