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How the 2030 will be

How will be the 2030

Year 2030. It’s been 10 years since the pandemic that hit the world. 10 years since the biggest economic crisis of the century. We got our freedom back, but the world has changed. How will be the world in the 2030?

The predictions changed

We have to do, first of all, a premise: the pandemic changed the predictions. The experts of all the sectors continuosly do predictions. The scientists imagine the future, between pessimistic and optimistic. The tech genius dream about futuristic incredible technologies. The expert of finance and commerce study if we will be riccher of poorer.

However the pandemic of Covid-19 changed everything. After a year of restrictions and fears the predictions changed. And this isn’t something completely negative. The restrictive measures pulled away the point of not return, the medicine and the science did giant steps, because we needed it.

And these new predictions for the 2030 switch on some hope. The hope that we all need after what happened and what is still happening in the world.

The hope is the one of a better world

At the beginning of every decade we always have a question: how will the world be in 10 years? And in the last decades the answer was always the same one: much more technologically advanced.

Better world
The hope is that in the 2030 the world will be a better place

We dreamed to walk on the moon, and we did it. The spreading of the electric cars was our purpose for the end of the century and now we have them. We imagined and wrote in the books and filmed in the movies about technologies able to speak with us and today it’s not so strange to talk with a virtual assistant. We dreamed about the flying cars and they are coming soon.

But what we are dreaming today is something different. Even thanks to the new generations that are moving more than the others, what we dream today isn’t a much more technological world but, simply, a better world.

The cities of the 2030

But at the end of all how will be this 2030? How will be the future? Most of the population will live in the big metropolis. It’s it even today, but in 10 years the cities will be ever more populated.

Mega city green
The mega cities of the future will be greener and more ecologic

In the 2020, according to the report of the Onu, the so called “mega cities” were 34. For mega city we mean a city with more than 10 million of citizens. Always according with the report of the Onu, until the 2030 the mega cities will become 43.

But if there is something that we learnt during the 2020 it is how much it is important to live outdoor. It is estimated, infact, that even more people want to spend the time in the nature and the mega cities must change.

Almost all the big cities are changing. No more traffic, heat, concrete and cars. The cities of the 2030 will have double of the current cycle paths and walkways, with much more areas where the cars won’t enter.

The medicine of the 2030

Like we said the medicine was a sector that had to face an unmatched crises, by fighting against the Covid-19. But this battle made it stronger and the medicine did progresses of 10 or more years in only one year.

The medicine of the future
The medicine is one of the sector that will grow most in the next decade

For this reason the predictions from here to the 2030 need to be completely reviewed. When we will finally beat the Covid, the medicine won’t have an enemy to fight anymore, but it will have a potential that, at the beginning of the pandemic, it didn’t have.

All the governments of the world gave the priorities to the medicine, by enpowering financing as much as they could. And all of it we will have in the future too.

Virtual reality

The 2030 will see the real world melts much more than now with the virtual one. The experts of the sector predict that in the 2030 we will be able to literally enter in a movie, we will be able to walk in the center, by remaining at home, we will organize virtual meetings.

The virtual reality will help us with the smart working that in the 2030 will be very common. Even the job hours, infact, will be different than now and, probably, we won’t have anymore the crowd of the rush hour.


Lastly, there is something very important. More than a prediction, it’s a common purpose that we setted and that we have to follow: the 2030 must be eco-sustainable.

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