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Robot Olympics 2021

The school is focusing to create math minds that ever more launched to the technological sector. That’s why this year they promoted the Robot Olympics. Let’s discover together what they are and what we will see.

Robot Olympics to promote the new minds

The last 15th of january was closed the call for the partecipation to the Robot Olympics 2021. An initiative promoted by the General Direction for the School and the Evaluation of the Education National System, in the field of the promotion of the excellences.

robot olympics 2021
Even this year in Genova there will be the robot olympics to stimulate the new scientific minds.

The organization is made by the Robotic School of Genova and it is a competition dedicated to the design, the planning and the creation of prototypes of robots, which are able to do useful functions to improve the environmental conditions of our planet. But not only. The idea is that these robots will help even humans to improve their life conditions. 

The subject of this year is “Water Soil Sky – Robots helping the planet”. Each school could present up to 3 teams, each one of them for a different category.

The idea of the competition is the one to promote the new informatic, mechanic and physics minds that are hidden behind the desks of our schools.

Why Olympics?

Like we know, the Olympics were born in Greece with the purpose to promote the sport and the activities for the body. The idea was even the one to create some games to spread an ideal of peace and brotherhood between the partecipants, as much as that even the wars were stopped during the games.

Today the word is used in many other fields, not only in the sportive one. But the idea is always the same: promote something new about a specific sector, stimulating the body and/or the mind to the cooperation.

In the field of the educational robotic these meetings help the students to confront each other and they encourage them to create something new, something useful for them, for their contemporaries and for the environmental where they live.

The educational robotic

Let’s now open a bracket about the educational robotic which is the base of the Robots Olympics and that today represents a growing sector.

The competences in this marketplace are ever more required and the percentage of companies that need these professional figures are exponentially growing.

For these reasons it’s ever more important to start the learning of the robotic as soon as possible, even during the primary, secondary and high school with a class of educational robotic.

The educational robotic is essential in the education of the youth that tomorrow will work in this very competitive marketplace and that, will be able to easily answer, to the needs of a growing sector.

Microrobotics and Olympics: this isn’t for all the schools yet

The microrobotics is a method of learning of the robotic, which allows to learn through the realization of an educational robot, starting from zero, through its coding and its development, by passing for all the phases of the process. With this method the alumns can learn while realizing it.

This method of learning is focused even on the team work and it’s here that the Olympics found space. Infact, the guys meet together to reach a purpose and they learn through the experience, by creating an unique project that can help them to win and to distinguish themselves.

These subjects create the professionals of tomorrow. Unfortunatelly though not all the schools have yet this subject or the learning of the STEM, like the coding.

Today there are only 80 schools that partecipate to the Robot Olympics 2021. We hope that in the future this number will increase and so even the classes of educational robotic for the promotion of the scientifical and artificial intelligence.

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